Sunday Scratches

My Disciples,

I plan to spend most of today taking a long power nap. I still need to catch up on My sleep after Thomas’s nighttime stampeding antics earlier in the week. But before My nap, the Guardians are giving Me some thorough chest and belly scratches to help Me relax. It’s glorious!

Otis Sunday Scratches

Nothing relieves tension and prepares Me for a power nap like chest and belly scratches.

Ahhhhhhh… feels so good…. I… ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz…

So Sayeth Otis

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20 responses to “Sunday Scratches

  1. Your Guardians are very attentive to your needs. Have a restful power nap Otis. I may just take one too.

  2. Oh boy, I can see where that would relax you to near comatose!

  3. hee hee…more like “So SNORETH Otis”!

  4. Oh, I love me some chest and belly scratches. I pretty much get some everyday.

  5. Oh Dog! I need some of those!

  6. You are so cute Leader Otis. I am so impressed that you allow belly scritches. Out of the 4 felines here not one will allow belly scritches without applying the claw of doom. That looks very nice though. Perhaps we should rethink our position.
    Dreaming of belly scritches,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  7. spittythekitty

    Well, Leader Otis, to each His own, but I do not allow my Human that kind of access. Let’s just say I have “trust issues” and if she tried that, her next activity would be a trip to the Blood Bank. You do appear to be enjoying Yourself though, so I will not alert the authorities.

    • No. No need to alert the authorities, Spitty. You might want to rethink your response to belly scratches though. I think that human fingers are much more efficient for grooming all that belly fur than our tongues. πŸ™‚

  8. Wowwee! That looks great, Leader Otis.

  9. Otis looks like he is in seventh heaven…lol….

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