Super Secret Security Sentinel

People and furry people who like The Leader Otis,

It is me, Secret Agent T! Tonight, while the weird cats and The Guardians lay sleeping, I shall remain on vigilant watch. I will be a super secret security sentinel, on the lookout for any surprise canine incursions or dastardly dog deeds! I have scouted out the perfect surveillance post beneath the Sacred Couch of Ikea. Ummmmm… I’m not sure if that is what it is really called, but the weird cats are always giving things important sounding names, so that’s what I am calling it. Anyway, the dogs will never suspect that I am under there!

Thomas with the plan

I shall hide under the Sacred Couch of Ikea and become a super secret security sentinel!

And now, as I retreat into the darkness beneath the Sacred Couch, I will become as shadow… as smoke… wait… not as smoke… smoke has a very strong odor and the dogs would be able to detect it. No, I will just be as shadow, and all such other things that are difficult to see!

Thomas hiding in shadows

I am as shadow, undetectable in the darkness beneath the Sacred Couch!

Yes, I am an invisible watcher. Waiting for the enemy to show him or herself. I… whoa. Wait. We have another one of these things? I totally shredded the last one and pulled all the stuffing out. It was a blast! I had no idea we had another one. This is awesome! I found another plush cherry! Check it out! I… OHMYGOSH!

Thomas with the cherry

I can’t believe it! There was a plush cherry under here! I… OHMYGOSH!

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I think the cherry was just a distraction! While I was preoccupied with the awesomeness of the cherry, I think a Labradoodle breached our outer wall and is now over there by the cat tree! Everyone else is sound asleep downstairs. There is no time to raise the alarm. I am now our last, best hope for survival. This is it, Secret Agent T, your moment to shine! Ready, set, ATTACK!!!!!

Thomas Attacks


Whew! I did it. A successful drill. Yes. Sorry to alarm you like that. I was only running myself through a drill so I will be ready in case of a real canine attack. And as you can see, I will be ready. Oh yes, I will.

Thomas the ever-vigilant

The drill was a success. My readiness is assured.

And now, I am off to run more preparedness drills, for Secret Agent T will not rest as long as the canine threat remains! Well… I mean… that is, until the sun comes up. Then I’ll probably rest for most of the day. Even the eternally vigilant have to take a nap once in awhile.

Secret Agent T out

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23 responses to “Super Secret Security Sentinel

  1. Not even dogs would be unsporting enough to invade when you are really tired.

  2. Hope you will have a peaceful napping time πŸ™‚

  3. Batya Harlow

    Canines, beware. Be afraid, be very afraid. You are no match for the Shadow!

  4. Greetings, Secret Agent T. We are sure that Leader Otis, the Brothers and the Guardians will all sleep better knowing you are on the job and keeping them safe from the LFDU. We wonder though, why so many pictures of the underneath of the sacred sofa? We would much rather see pictures of you, Agent T. Maybe next time?
    Purring on guard,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  5. Secret Agent T, you are on the ball (or cherry) and doing oh so well fitting into your new house! Thank goodness you are ready and able to save everyone from Labradoodles! I think they all just shuddered in fear of your mighty prowess! And you looked cute while doing it! That takes skill!

  6. Glad you found another cherry Thomas. Many humans have a way of making a second but identical toy appear if they see that their kitty liked the now destroyed plaything.

  7. No dog would dare mess with you, Agent T!

  8. Ohhh Agent T that look with you and the red toy lool. Amber gives me that look a lot when it comes to strings and her little catnip stuffed squirrel!

  9. Not to distract you from your drills but Thomas, you are getting better looking every day! That fur, the sparkle in your eyes., the ear floof. Just very handsome.

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