The Brothers’ ID Challenge Results

My Disciples,

The results are in, and it seems that The Brothers really can be hard to tell apart. In the end, 53 of you correctly identified which Brother was which. Another 33 swapped The Brother’s identities, guessing that Brother Henry was Brother Oliver and vice versa. Four respondents believed that both cats were impostors. Here is the photo again, this time with The Brothers clearly labeled:

Henry and Oliver identified

If you guessed that Brother Henry was on the left and Brother Oliver was on the right, you were correct!

If you look closely, Brother Henry has a larger head, a larger white chest blaze, and a small white patch between his eyes. He also has a lot more white on his toes than Brother Oliver does, although you can’t see that in the photo.

OK, Brother Oliver is still upset that he sometimes gets misidentified, so let’s try this again. Now that you know the subtle differences between The Brothers, can you correctly identify the kitties in each of the following four photos?

Test image 1

Impressive kill face! Which Brother is this?

Test image 2

Who might this be kicking it on the cat tree?

Test image 3

Which cat is shown here in profile?

Test image 4

Such intensity!

I will post the answers in the comments section below. How did you do?

So Sayeth Otis

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34 responses to “The Brothers’ ID Challenge Results

  1. The kill face belongs to Brother Oliver. Brother Henry is both the cat tree kitty and the profile kitty. The steely gaze belongs to Brother Oliver.

    How did you do?

  2. We had to turn away on the last one!

    ::knees quivering like jelly::

  3. I got half of them. Those cats are just too tricky! But I do know now that Henry has a case of the big head!

  4. We got them all right today but wrong yesterday. We should have known the scary hooded eyes belonged the The Muscle and that wise expression belonged to The Brains of this outfit!

  5. Tracey Rogers

    Don’t know how Bro. Henry feels about the statement that he has a big head…ha, ha. Now that I know he’s the one with the little white patch between his eyes I will be able to tell the Brothers apart. Since I have 3 all black cats that I can totally tell apart you’d think I’d be better at this.

  6. I got them all right, unlike the last poll… but the white spot on the forehead really helped! I just have to remember that brother Henry has the spot!

  7. Joy

    I got them right… again! Yay!

  8. Got them right! Just wondering…I know Oliver and Henry are brothers, but are they litter mates too? Me and my brother Romeo are litter mates. We know we have another brother, Hemingway, who lives in a crazy house (a story for another day), but he is not our litter mate. Hemingway looks like a cross between me and Romeo. You can always tell it is him cause he is polydactyl (has an extra toe on each paw). My guardians tell me that I’m the cutest out of all of us, but don’t tell Romeo! Love, Juliet
    P.S. Romeo read over my shoulder and wants to declare that he is the handsomest kitty because boy kitties aren’t cute he says. Whatever, I’m still the cutest.

    • Yes, The Brothers are litter mates. The Guardians say that The Brothers were being given away with a whole litter of kittens in front of a grocery store. A teenage girl took the two of them home, but after 6 months or so she realized that they were too much for her to handle. She then took them to a cat rescue and The Guardians adopted them from there. We all often wonder where their other litter mates ended up and who their mom and dad were…

  9. We think we got them right! That last one was hard because that look was so intense.

  10. spittythekitty

    Me and the Human was 4 for 4. Woo-hoo. But then, we was right the other day too. It’s *my* keen powers of observation, of course; left to her own devices, the Human couldn’t tell a Ragdoll from a raccoon.

  11. Penelope

    Mes gots them all! NOW that me knows what to look for!

  12. I got them all! I noticed it the other day, finally! Got a dot? Oliver it’s not! MOL
    Oliver also seems to have white ‘fingers’ where Henry is wearing gloves!
    They’re both adorable, so I don’t see why anyone needs to be upset!

  13. It was difficult when dealing with so many handsome man cats in one place, but I did manage to get them all right. You, Leader Otis, are so distinguished,(fluttering eyelashes) I’m sure you are NEVER confused with anyone else. It’s obvious why you’re the Leader among so many impressive cats. You have such presence. That’s one of the reasons I read your blog everyday, Leader Otis. It’s so nice to see you….all.

  14. being able to identify the different brothers will help s greatly with the LADR (yes I know that;s not the right letters, but I am sure you catch the drift!)

  15. Oliver, Henry, Henry, Oliver xxx

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