Super Outpost Tabby Tower

My Disciples,

After falling asleep for several hours yesterday, I woke up to a very quiet house. I still had lingering memories of My dream about the mystery box, and the weird thing that the Guardians were building. Since the dream left Me feeling unsettled, I decided to go look for Brother Henry or Brother Oliver to tell them about it. I walked into the living room and began to search in the usual places The Brothers like to hang out.

Otis searching

I was feeling unsettled by My dream. I went searching for The Brothers to tell them about it.

I didn’t see either of The Brothers anywhere. I called out, “Brother Oliver? Brother Henry? Where are you?” Brother Henry’s voice replied from somewhere behind Me. He said, “Leader Otis. Over here”. It sounded like his voice was coming from up near the ceiling! I rounded the couch and I was stunned by what I saw. Brother Henry was more than five feet up in the air, sitting on some kind of giant tower!

Henry on security tower 1

I followed the sound of Brother Henry’s voice and found him sitting high up on some kind of tower!

I said, “Brother Henry! What is this! Where did it come from! What is going on!?” Brother Henry said, “I believe it is what was in that weird box, Leader Otis. I guess the Guardians are aware of the looming threat of the Long-feared Dog Uprising and they have finally decided to do something to increase our readiness. Behold, Super Outpost Tabby Tower!” Brother Henry then proceeded to show Me all the features of our new security station. He said, “This thing is amazing! It has a low observation blind from which we can watch for any small dog activity…”

Henry in low observation post

Brother Henry started showing Me the features of the outpost. He started with the low observation blind.

Next, Brother Henry ran back up to the higher platform and said, “From up here I can be on the lookout for suspicious canine activity in the office…”

Henry looks into office

Brother Henry ran back up to the higher platform and said he could watch for suspicious activity in the office.

Brother Henry then looked to his left and said, “…or I can monitor the living room for signs of the mongrel horde…”

Henry looks into living room

Brother Henry also said he could monitor the living room for signs of the mongrel horde.

Suddenly, Brother Henry turned and attacked a fuzzy object that was hanging on a springy cord nearby. He said, “It even has a training tool that will help me and the rest of your security force hone our reaction time and attack skills!”

Henry on security tower 3

Brother Henry attacked a fuzzy thing that was hanging on the tower. He said it was a training tool.

Finally, Brother Henry said, “Best of all, Leader Otis, the entire tower is covered with this really soft, cushy, fuzzy stuff! It feels so good to rub against! I know it will help us relax when we are starting to succumb to the pressure of an imminent canine attack. The Guardians thought of everything!”

Henry on security tower 4

Brother Henry said that the fuzzy covering of the security tower would help all of us stay calm under pressure.

Brother Henry then started purring loudly and I left him to explore the rest of our new outpost. It’s nice to know that the Guardians are onboard with our security preparations, even if they don’t seem to be consciously aware of the imminent canine threat. I don’t know when or if the Uprising will occur, but now that we have Super Outpost Tabby Tower, we will be even more ready to defend My Inner Kingdom if the day ever does come.

So Sayeth Otis

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36 responses to “Super Outpost Tabby Tower

  1. 2 cats

    We have a similar giant tower and the 2 cats like to chase each other and see who can race to the top the fastest. Maybe you can organise some races?

  2. catfromhell

    What a lovely tower! Wes has a similar one that we use to watch the outside activity!

    • We watch outside activity from our smaller tree in the front window, but this new one will be great for watching inside activity! Oh, and of course it will be great to get up high in case of canine invasion! πŸ™‚

  3. WOW. Otis. RC is very jealous. She said she is willing to give up Mount Towel Shelf for one of these. (But staff does not believe her – RC always promises but ends up keeping it all!)
    RC is rather uh, large and regal, is the tower weighted or is there the possibility of an over active race causing wobbly surprise? (staff is not a cat person, so we ask)

    • The platforms of cat trees are very dense particleboard and do a pretty good job of resisting falling over, even on carpet. This one looks to be in a corner, so that any wobble when jumping away would lead to the tree pressing onto a wall. You can also strap it to a wall if you are really concerned.

    • So far the tower is still standing even after big ‘ol Brother Henry was going crazy on it. I think it is pretty sturdy! πŸ™‚

  4. If I start using the one I already have, maybe I can get another one…ummm Leader O, are you able to get to the lower outpost on your own, I so hope so, paw hugs, Savannah

  5. Princess Rhiannon

    Please find out where the guardians got is so my guardian can get one for me

    • I think they ordered it from the jungle… someplace called or something. I heard them say they went to that Amazon place and entered a search for cat trees. πŸ™‚

  6. We have the same outpost! Except we left the stairs off – Oliver is very long so he had trouble fitting on the platforms with the stairs on there. Oliver loves to lay on the very top platform (he overflows a little) or in one of the houses if Obi won’t let him nap.


    • The Guardians seem to think that the stairs will make it easier for Me to climb, but I’m not feeling brave or strong enough to go up them yet. Brother Henry just jumps up with no problem at all. πŸ™‚

  7. Goodness gracious, great towers of glory!

  8. I’ve never seen a cat tower that large! Priestess Jen usually watches for canines and other threats from atop her quilt pile. It is somewhat safe from Precious (the other cat) because Precious has been known to slip off when she falls asleep there.

  9. Good to see y’all so prepared!

  10. spittythekitty

    It is good to know You can rest more easily knowing You are well-protected. Your Brothers are doing an excellent job of being look-outs for potential canine threats. I have a pathetic puny tower (really, unworthy of the title “Tower”) that is unsuitable for the King of California (North) and the Western Lands. I think my Human needs to go shopping.

  11. That is an awesome Tower, Leader Otis. We hope you are feeling up to climbing it soon.

  12. Otis, first off, it’s awesome to see you on your feet! I hope it’s getting easier to walk every day!
    Second, wow! That tower is awesome! You’re all going to enjoy it, While being extra vigiliant of course!

  13. or distracted by the fluffy cosy stuff which feels so good to rub up against moo ha ha ha (that was supose to be an evil laugh, not a cow laughing at a joke FYI!)

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