Brother Henry Saved Snuggle Time!

My Disciples,

Last night, after one of the Guardians got all warm and comfy on the couch, The Brothers and I decided to join her. I snuggled in next to her leg and Brother Oliver snuggled up to Me. Brother Henry sat on her lap. About 45 minutes had passed, and we were all approaching maximum toastiosity, when suddenly the Guardian started to try to get up! Thinking fast, Brother Henry stretched out his full, 17-pounds of tabby fury along the length of the Guardian’s legs. She wasn’t going anywhere. Snuggle time was saved!

Henry pinning the Guardian

Thinking fast, Brother Henry stretched out his body and pinned the Guardian’s legs. Snuggle time was saved!

Clearly realizing that resistance was futile, the pinned Guardian asked the other Guardian to go get her whatever it was she needed to get up for. Brother Henry wasn’t taking any chances though. Even though the Guardian was no longer struggling, he stayed right where he was.

Henry pinning the Guardian 2

Even though the Guardian relaxed, Brother Henry remained vigilant.

I think Brother Henry deserves some kind of medal or something. Had it not been for his quick thinking and valiant actions, we would all have had to endure an evening that was considerably less toasty and snuggly. Plus, the Guardian would have gotten the idea that it is OK for her to get up whenever she wanted, with no regard whatsoever for the toasty level of us kitties! The horror of that thought makes Me shudder, and I am so glad Brother Henry was there to show the Guardian the error of her ways.

So Sayeth Otis

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30 responses to “Brother Henry Saved Snuggle Time!

  1. 2 cats

    I try to have anything I might need near to me when I settle onto the sofa so I do not disturb snuggle time.

    But what if the guardian needs to use the big wet litter tray?

  2. Cindy Davis

    I’m a fairly new reader…and am enjoying it tremendously.� As the “guardian” of 5 inside cats, I know the feeling of being trapped.� Two of them were just at the vet…one was 16lbs., one was 18 lbs.� The other three are a bit smaller, but by no means are they tiny!� I sometimes sleep with all 5 of them.� Trapped is not the word…buried is more like it.� Love my kitties.� Thanks for your stories.�

    � Cindy � �

  3. I wish the three moggies would sleep as close as you boys on a regular basis 🙂 so cute

    • The Inner Circle is a pretty tight group, mythreemoggies. The Brothers resisted Me at first, but they soon found out that resistance is futile. Thomas may be a slightly tougher nut to crack though. 🙂

  4. catfromhell

    What a great move! Kudos to Brother Henry!

  5. My kitty Ares is so good with cuddle time, sometimes on the couch, sometimes on the bed.

    But my kitty Puck wants cuddle time when it is my bedtime. In fact, he takes a nice LONG nap first so he has lots of energy for cuddle time. Cuddle time startes with him stomping back and forth across my head a number of times. Then he lays down on my pillow and shoves my head around for a while. Then he tucks his forehead against my neck and purrs and cuddles for about 5 mintues. At this point, he stands up and does it all over again. It takes about 2 to 4 cycles before he settles down for a nice cuddle. When he start to groom his face, that means cuddle time is almost over. Once his face is perfect, he jumps up and runs over to Ares to curl up with him at the end of the bed for another nap.

    Ares loves to sleep at the end of the bed because my feet are his favorite pillow. This is good because it keeps my feet toasty.

    • It sounds like Puck is performing a very popular kitty bedtime ritual. He is trying to shove all kinds of love into your head before you go to sleep so you will have good dreams. Brother Oliver does this to the Guardians sometimes. 🙂

  6. Mommy always makes sure to have an empty bladder when she sits down…

    HURRAH to Brother Henry! Smooth move there, sir.

  7. Excellent work! (Staff is so hard to train)

  8. ena

    I remember the year I had a shoulder injury and wasn’t allowed to move. My cats rejoiced that I had finally learned how to be a good kitty guardian. Sit in one place 24/7 and be available to cuddle. Oh yes they loved it.

  9. Thank goodness for his quick thinking. We are running a hashtag, #FirstWorldCatProblems, on Twitter right now to bring light to these important issues. People need to understand what cats face each day.

  10. We can’t believe that the Guardian actually thought about getting up. Thank cod for Henry…and all of his 17 pounds!

  11. spittythekitty

    Um, it’s a good thing she didn’t need to get up to go use the human litterbox. That could have created quite the impasse. The Humans should always go before they snuggle, don’t You think?

  12. Good gracious Otis! You’re barely visible there! You must have been the toastiest of them all! No wonder you didnt want the guardian to move, and good thing the other guardian knows that he better pick up the slack, no?
    Yes, Brother Henry was a very quick thinker, he deserves a medal, or a treat, or an extra snuggle.

  13. Miss Satchie

    Hurray for brother Henry!

  14. Resistance is futile. We are the Super Tabby. From this time forward, you will snuggle with us . . .

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