I Call Interference

My Disciples,

It started off great! I was on the couch and one of the Guardians came up and started dangling a simulated mouse over My head. It immediately got My attention. I wanted that mouse! I would have that mouse!

Otis playing on couch 1

I was just laying on the couch when one of the Guardians came up and dangled a simulated mouse over My head. I wanted that thing!

As the mouse bobbed and danced over My head, I started really getting into it. I was moving in a way that I hadn’t been able to in a while. My surgerized leg is still far from back to 100%, but it didn’t hurt Me so much as I went after that mouse. It was exciting!

Otis playing on couch 2

Even though My leg is still problematic, it didn’t hurt so much as I was playing. I really started getting into it.

I chased the mouse down to the edge of the couch. It was still bobbing and weaving over My head, and I tried to track it with My paw.

Otis playing on couch 3

I moved to the end of the couch and watched the mouse bob and weave overhead. I tried to track it with My paw.

The mouse swung down in a low arc, it passed out into the living room and then started to swing back in My direction. This was it! This was My chance! Just another second or two and that mouse was going to be Mine! That’s when the unexpected happened. Brother Oliver exploded from out of nowhere and started batting the mouse all around in the air. I was devastated as I saw My chance for mouse mauling slip away right in front of My eyes!

Oliver interfering 1

Right before the mouse reached Me, Brother Oliver came from out of nowhere and began to bat it all around. I was devastated.

After that, I lost all interest in the mouse. Brother Oliver, however, did not. He stayed right where he was waiting to give the mouse another thrashing.

Oliver interfering 2

I lost interest in the mouse, but Brother Oliver was still really into it.

Even though there are no official rules for artificial mouse play, I call interference on Brother Oliver. Had he not suddenly appeared, I am certain I would have given that mouse the mauling of a lifetime! As a penalty, I demand that for the next two weeks I get all of Brother Oliver’s share of the freeze-dried chicken treats! Yes. That seems only fair. Now, if I can just convince the Guardians to agree with Me. If I can’t… well… then I shall have to call interference on them as well!

So Sayeth Otis

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33 responses to “I Call Interference

  1. Lovely photo shots 🙂 check our Archie on today’s post xxx

  2. 2 cats

    I see your poor mousey has no tail too, whenever I buy a new one the tail always gets pulled off by my 2 cats!

  3. catfromhell

    Yous should has whapped Oliver…

  4. Oh Otis, I know how you feel! Max always steals my nylabone, right outta my mouth!! Bella, wag wag

  5. Said mouse and all Catolympic events will have no chance when that leg is back to 100% fitness. Give Oliver his day – it will not last 😀

  6. We are so glad that your hip was not causing you pain or discomfort when you were after the simulated mouse. Sadly, I think the rules on mouse thrashing are first grab, first thrash. At least the rule for simulated bird killing are. So often, just before I pounce, Mistletoe strikes from deep in the shadows and kills the not-alive bird totally dead. I’m left with the imagined taste of feather in my mouth. On the bright side, as your hip becomes stronger, you’ll be able to enforce your claims on the simulated mouse.

  7. No rules or penalties? Sounds like Calvinball for cats. This happens all the time when Precious and Jenny play with the dry simulated fish catching toy. Maybe that’s why Jen always tries to chew it off so she can own it and hide it.

  8. Otis! Look at that second picture, how you’re using your leg and hip to get you to that mouse! That’s awesome! I just know that one day, maybe soon, you’re going to stand up on those legs and attack that mouse like Oliver is! Perhaps he was doing that to show you that he believes in you being able to do that? I still think you should get some of his treats though.

  9. In the second picture you look like your smiling Otis! I can tell you were enjoying yourself lol…and then there was Oliver. Don’t get mad but the picture of him with such a look of glee on his face is pretty cute. So happy to see you so well and handsome. Hugs to you, your brothers and of course the wicked Guardians 😛

  10. what fun you were having, then Oliver was having fun. part of being family, i guess. i showed my Mama the picture of your sofa just she would know i am not the only kitty that scratches furniture. thank you very much!

  11. Interference or not Otis, it’s great that you were so enthusiastic about the mouse! I can see your bright eyes and whiskers forward especially in the second picture 🙂

  12. That mouse sure was getting a work out!!

  13. spittythekitty

    I think SOME Kitty might have to study up on non-interference with The Leader. I believe in the NFL that behavior might be termed “Pass Interference” and be severely penalized.

  14. i think you are right my pal!

  15. Otis, perhaps Brother Oliver was trying to tame the mousie out of fear its’ actions would push you beyond your endurance? Or maybe he was just trying to take advantage of your caution….giving up treats does seem fair.

  16. Today, Oli was unsuspecting over and over and over and there was much in the way of Thunders. Then, suddenly, I realized the Thunder had stopped. I found the brothers upstairs, napping in a pile of fluffy on the bed.

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