Box Day 2012 Catstravaganza!

My Disciples,

It’s Box Day, the most cardboardy, squarish day of the year! Once again we are celebrating Box Day with a photo catstravaganza featuring many of you at your boxiest! Let’s get to it!

Our first two contributions come from Disciple “2 cats” who says, “Here are my cats posing for box day. Billy is going for a classic sit while Gizzy is showing that it isn’t only boxes made of cardboard that provide places to pounce from!”

Billy classic sit

Great job Billy! Way to sit a box!


i wouldn’t want to be walking by that box right about now! Way to work the plastic ambush box Gizzy!

The next photo comes from Disciple Sherry who says, “Here’s Gower enjoying a lovely box.”


Gower has a bit of a glower as he sits that box! He still looks good doing it though!

Disciple Dorothy sent in this photo of her Kitty Hitch doing an impressive casual box pose. The tail hanging down from above belongs to Pumpkin.

Hitch in box and Pumpkin's tail

Hitch looks like he might be “The most interesting kitty in the world” with that pose!

My canine friend Basil sent in a photo that is sure to shock you all. Now, to be clear, there is one aspect of this photo that ordinarily would have disqualified it from being included in a “catstravaganza”. You see… ummmm… well… just take a look. I must warn all kitties though that what you are about to see may change your feelings about box sitting forever.

Bryn in box

This is Bryn. We don’t know if Bryn is a feline-identified canine, or if this was just a wild night at obedience college, but apparently this happened.

OK, let’s quickly move on to the next photos sent in by Christine, Levi, Isabelle, Genevieve, and Little Man. First up we have Isabelle and Genevieve demonstrating a double-decker box sit!

Double-decker Box Sit

That’s Isabelle on top and Genevieve on the bottom. Amazing double-decker sit, ladies!

Next we have Genevieve enjoying a skinny box. She might be in over her head, or up to her neck or something.

Genevieve head in box

This isn’t really a box sit, per se, but it’s definitely one way to enjoy a box. Way to go Genevieve!

The last photo from Christine and family shows Isabelle helping out with a puzzle by making sure the box doesn’t go anywhere.

Isabelle in puzzle box

Isabelle not only helped with the puzzle, she probably caused her guardian to wear a puzzled expression.

Next, we have a photo of Jenny. Her guardian, Pezcita, had this to say about it, “This is Jenny, a sweet Birman mix and self-proclaimed Priestess in the Cult of Otis. We adopted her from a local shelter almost five years ago. Early in the fall, my sister made her this castle out of a huge computer box. Jen loves to hide in it, especially when she thinks we’re going to brush her teeth.”

Pound Priestess Jenny

Looking good there in your impenetrable cardboard fortress Jenny!

Human Disciple Julia and her kitty Disciples Juno and Luna sent in this striking photo of Juno in a deep box.

Juno in deep box

Hello in there! Looking good Juno. It looks like you are really having a zen box experience!

Disciple Penny sent in three photos of her kitty clan. Here’s what she had to say about them, “Well, I explained Boxing Day to all the cats here at R & H Ranch. And these were the results. Murphy couldn’t understand why she should pose in a shabby cardboard box when she can sit on a lovely antique wooden box, Lily thought I said pose in the bath and Razzie got bored waiting for the girls…sigh. Kinda like herding cats!”

Murphy on box

Hmmm… well, that’s definitely still a box sit. Way to go Murphy!

Lily in tub

Not technically a box, but A for effort Lily!

Lily in box

I received a follow-up message saying, “Hi Otis,
Turns out Lily doesn’t have a hearing issue (bath rather than box) she was just embarrassed as her photo shoot wasn’t color coordinated. She set her guardians straight with this little pose.” That’s much better Lily! Now we can see you!

Razzie yawning

Too bad Razzie got bored, but the upside is he had a perfect box for napping!

Ninjinsky cat also sent a photo. Here is what he had to say, “We here at Camp Nijinsky are so pleased that you came through your surgery and are feeling much better!  I thought I would share a photo my owners took of me proudly showing off the Box House they created for me. The photo is a bit blurry…I think because my Mom was laughing about my pose, but I was in fact quite proud to show off My Box House!  I hope you and Thomas and the Brothers enjoy it. Merry Catsmas too!”

Ninjinsky Cat - This is My Box-

That is definitely a fine looking box, Ninjinsky. And your pose leaves no doubt about who it belongs to. Good job!

I’m very excited that we also had a photo admitted by the Finnish royalty! Punapippuri, King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) gave us the following submission.


That looks like a very secure box King Pinapippuri! I guess it would need to be to protect the king though!

The crunchy and delicious… uhhhh…I mean, nice and smart Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge sent in a photo of RC Cat. Phil had this to say about the photo, “Here’s RC Cat demonstrating skills necessary for Boxing Day: A box must be approached with confidence – but with caution. It is important to hold the box down and still so it may be closely examined…who knows? There might be surprises inside – like mousies or greenies or a tiny bug sent as tribute. Once the box has submitted to cat will, then it is safe to hop inside as the box conqueror. This message sent to you by staff as requested by RC Cat of the Realm”

RC Cat

Nice technique RC Cat! A careful approach is always best! Well, unless you just want to throw caution to the wind and jump in. That can be fun too. 🙂

Disciples Becca, Steve, Romeo and Juliet also sent in some photos. The first shows Romeo in a very unique squished pose.

Romeo 1

I can’t even tell where that leg is coming from Romeo! Impressive contortionist sit there!

The second photo shows Juliet in a very serious sit.


Wow! Nice intensity Juliet!

There is also another photo of Romeo trying to stuff himself into a box that seems a bit too small. You really like those small boxes, don’t you Romeo!

Romeo 2

Most cats would say, “I’ll never fit in there.” But that doesn’t stop the determined kitty, Romeo!

Disciple Saffron sent in an action photo with this description, “I submit for your approval a stunning photo of me beating up my brother Junior as he tries to fight me for my box.”

Saffron beating up Junior

We have some pretty good “battles of the box” around here too, Saffron! It’s fun as long as no one gets hurt. 🙂

Disciple Junior sent in a photo with the following plea, “Please make them stop taking pictures of me, I really need to rest after choosing an appropriate box.”


I feel personally responsible for your paparazzi problem Junior. After all, I asked for the photos. Sorry about that. You look great in that box though!

Pixie also sent a photo. I’m not sure if she is a Disciple, because she had this to say, “I agree with Thomas, you are all crazy!! My sister Saffron is being a pain trying to stop me from being comfy in my box, and my pesky guardian insists on burning my retinas. Grudgingly sending regards, Pixie”


Sorry about the retina burns Pixie! Way to sit that box though!

Disciple Deb sent two photos of Sam, who has something in common with Brother Oliver. Both of them like to chew on cardboard. Here’s what Deb said about the photos, “These are photos of Sam, one of our 4 kitties. Sam not only loves to sit in boxes, he loves to chew them to bits as well. He is a crazy kitty!”

Sam 1

Sam apparently wants a little more fiber in his diet!

Sam 2

After Sam fills up on cardboard, he needs a little nap to digest. 🙂

Disciple Savannah sent in one of her favorite recent photos. Here’s what she had to say about it, “I like this one best of all my recent box photos. It captures me going in to inspect the box I used to send my virtual brother, Boots, his Christmas prezzies.  He lives at Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary; he is FIV positive and had one eye removed because of neglect from before he lived at BCR.”


Nice box jump Savannah! And what a lucky virtual brother you have to be getting those wonderful presents!

Disciple Joe sent in a photo of a Sheena. She is a rescued Bengal kitty that came in pregnant. She ended up sharing a box with a whole lot of cuteness!

Sheena and kittens

Oh my gosh. I’m so glad you were rescued Sheena! I know you and your kittens will have wonderful lives now!

Disciple Cynthia sent in a photo of kitties Simon and Phinn spending the day together.

Simon and Phinn

Simon and Phinn show that it is possible to do a peaceful, double box sit. Way to go guys!

Disciples Linda, David, Lola, Griffon and Luna sent in two photos. The first shows Luna as she “helps” wrap Christmas presents.


Nice work Luna! Someone has to warm up that box for the present!

The second shows Griffon heading off to search for treats after an unsuccessful attempt at getting Luna to share her box.


Hmmm… Well, sorry you didn’t get to climb in the box, Griffon, but I hope you found some treats! Luna, good sit!

Disciples Juniper and William sent in a selection of photos. William had this to say about them, “Dear Leader Otis, Here are a few photos of Juniper and me in boxes. The sugar box was supposed to be her sleeping box, but I soon overtook it. I’m so sweet. (Get it? Sugar box …..sweet. Get it?) The other two photos were taken just a few weeks after my Capture, when I was still svelte. My nickname now is “Buddha Billy”. Merry Catsmas, and a Joyous Box Day! Sincerely, William”

Juniper in Sugar Box

Now that’s a full-on box power nap! Nice job Juniper!

Now it's Willie's sugar box

Here’s William doing an intense box sit after interrupting Juniper’s nap!

William in Box

Shortly after your Capture you were already enjoying a roomy cardboard box!? Looks like you hit the jackpot William!

Last but not least, Disciple Cat shared photos of her cats Ben, Casper, Jimmy and Archie. In the first shot, Ben takes center stage.

Ben in box

Ben in a box by the bed! Way to go Ben! I absolutely adore alliteration!

The next shot show Casper in an impressive “box on its side” sit.

Casper in box

Great side sit Casper!

Jimmy in box, Archie outside of box

That’s Jimmy inside the box and Archie outside. I hope you gave Archie a turn, Jimmy!

That brings us to the end of the 2012 Box Day Catstravaganza! I hope you were all as amazed and delighted as I was by this impressive array of kitties (and, of course, Bryn) thinking inside the box. Many thanks to all of our photo contributors! This catstravaganza would not have been possible without you.

Now, if you will excuse Me, I’m off to join Thomas and the Brothers for our own Box Day celebration!

So Sayeth Otis

Operation Hipster

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33 responses to “Box Day 2012 Catstravaganza!

  1. Wonderful photos! A very successful catstravaganza indeed!!

  2. Sherry Narens

    Gower is so excited at being a celebrity on Box Day! He asks me to tell you that he’s very serious about everything, boxes included. And he hopes Leader Otis, Brothers Oliver and Henry, and Crypto-Brother Thomas all have a fabulous Box Day!

  3. What a wonderful selection of Boxing Day Photos. We enjoyed seeing how cats(mostly) from all over embrace their boxes. Thank you Leader Otis for bring together this impressive display. Happy Boxing Day!
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  4. Meowser! What a pawsome group of box appreciation techniques! Thank you Leader Otis for helping us celebrate this impawtant day. Paw pats, your disciple Savannah

  5. Our mom slacked off and forgotted to send pictures. sigh…. but she posted some today for us.

  6. Penelope

    Great Boxing day action!

  7. amazing photos all so cute x

  8. We love your boxing day catstravaganza!!!! It’s great to meet so many of your beautiful kitty friends 🙂 Wow aren’t those bengal kittens adorable!

  9. That’s a lot of photos! (A lot of adorable kitties too!) Box Day is apparently no longer a minor holiday.

  10. Kitties wish every day was Box Day!!! Great photos!

  11. spittythekitty

    Good Cod! This is like some kind of horror movie-Zombie Box Apocalypse ::shudder shudder shudder:: Don’t you kitties understand that Boxes Can Eat You??? They are a Human-Canine Conspiracy [We guess Bryn didn’t get the memo–Ed.] to reduce the Cat Population to dangerously low levels. Please! Stay away! Think of the kittens!

    • Dear King SpittytheKitty,
      Saywha? I read your blog dude and I know youz was traumatized over the whole neuter thing, but seriously, dude kitties are de-jeweled everyday. More of us should be lining up and Rollin’ over fur the Doc. Really man? ya gotta think of the kittens? My ma was TNR. If they didn’t grab her I woulda been born in the wild like Leader Otis. Means my bro’ Tiger an me? we wouldn’t have dese cushy digs wit dese 2 leggers. Dese 2 legger, dey are alright man. Dey is good and warm an dey gives da scritches n dey foods. Sure, dey took youz jewels, man, but dat’s so the kittenz don’t get born’d in the outside. So I don’t gots no idea’r wha boxes gots to do wit’ it, or da zombies. Just chill out dude. Relax. Now no girl kitty can show up sayn, look at me pretty babies, yous da daddy. Grab a box and just chill. The cat populations doin just fine. Don’t you worry none, justs grabs a box and chill.
      Dis here was Pumpkin. My HuMom calls me Punnky. Dats right, two dose N’s. Hitch and Missy Mistletoe is my family. Dat is my tail in da picture. Member, all you dude cats, line up and rolls over for dat Doc. Vet ladies. To many kittens outside already. Spay and Neuter. If’n I could gets a tattoo, dats wha it’d say, Spay and Neuter dude, all day long.

      Well, I!z outta here, later,

      • spittythekitty

        Um, I think you sort of misunderstood my comment. “Think of the kittens” was a sort of parody of the “Think of the children” comment sometimes used to protest scary movies or TV programs. *I* think boxes are TERRIFYING! Hence, this post would be skeery for “the kittens.” I don’t know why you thought I was making some kind of obscure anti-neutering argument, dudes! S-t-K

      • Oh dear Spitty, we’re sorry if Pumkin offended. He was trying to be funny and still convey his favorite message. He wasn’t kidding about the tattoo. I guess he thought you were referring to your Tutoring when you mentioned the cat population. I am sorry boxes scare you. I also avoid them. They are to much like the carriers our HuMom uses to transport us to the Vet. Again, I apologize for any offense. I’m sure it was unintended.

      • From the follow-up comments it looks like you guys sorted out the misunderstanding. I’m glad. 🙂

    • A zombie boxpocalypse! Sounds terrifying! Kind of makes Me want to run and hide in a box… errrr… wait a minute… 🙂

    • spittythekitty

      It’s all good, furiends! No worries 😉 XOXOXO

  12. Whoohoo! Boxing Day! A holiday just for us cats! Our motto…we’ve never met a box we didn’t like!

  13. Totally boxed in! Great post of such talented cats!

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