It’s Catsmas!

My Disciples,

It’s December 24, also known as Catsmas! To review:

If you don’t know exactly when your cat was born, celebrate his or her birthday on December 24.  Yeah, I know that cats aren’t generally born in December, but chances are your cat doesn’t know this. Plus, I’ve heard that a few non-cat based religions have major holidays in December, and I don’t want any cats to be forgotten or left out in the cold during all the celebrations at this time of year.  So decorate a cat tree with cat-friendly ornaments, give your cat a snuggle if you find him or her standing under a sprig of catnip and, if your cat has been a good boy or girl, prepare for a visit from Santa Claws!

Speaking of Santa Claws, this year, it was Brother Oliver’s turn to play him. As you can see, he was thrilled!

Oliver Santa

Brother Oliver was so happy to play Santa Claws!

Meowy Catsmas everyone!

So Sayeth Otis

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22 responses to “It’s Catsmas!

  1. Brother Oliver looks very handsome and stern! Woe betide anyone who hasn’t been good to kitties this year!

  2. BOL O brother oliver, the look says it all!

  3. ena

    hmm, looks to me more like Brother Oliver is a mightily ticked off kittie. But that could just be for the benefit of the camera…. after all we cats have an image to protect. Merry Catsmas to you all and Merry Christmas to the Guardians, from Buster

  4. Merry Christmas, my friend!

  5. Brother Oliver should perhaps have on a GRINCH hat!

  6. Haha! Poor Brother Oliver. We bet he’ll be glad when Catsmas is over! Have a merry one!!

  7. As soon as we saw the picture of how thrilled Brother Oliver was about playing Santa Claws we thought of some pretty explicit words he was probably thinking LOL! Happy Holidays to you dear boy and all the boys and Guardians.

  8. Tracey Rogers

    Now that’s a disgruntled looking cat! Merry Catsmas!!!

  9. Jenn

    Best photo of Brother Oliver ever!

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