The Mystical Blanket of Toastiness

My Disciples,

You may recall that I once performed a successful sneak attack on Brother Oliver to claim the Mystical Mat of Toastiness. Several months later, the Guardians used the Mystical Mat to help soothe My Art Thritis. Well, last night I was laying on the couch with one of the Guardians, resting My head on his leg. Suddenly, the Guardian started to get up. I was quite annoyed as he had not asked permission, but I was pleased when he placed a soft pillow under My head to take the place of his leg. I settled back in and started to fall asleep.

As I laid there dozing, I suddenly felt the most glorious warmth on the back half of My body. I opened My eyes to discover the Guardian had partially covered Me with the Mystical Mat of Toastiness. Apparently it can be used as a blanket of toastiness as well!

Otis under heating pad

The Guardian covered Me with The Mystical Mat/Blanket of Toastiness!

I was laying on My left side, which meant that My right leg was up. That is the leg on which My Hipsterectomy was performed, and the fur is still very short from being shaved. The heat from the Mat/Blanket of Toastiness soaked into My sparsely furred leg, warming Me right to My core. I let out a huge sigh, and began to purr without even realizing it, then I drifted off in toasty, sleepy bliss.

So Sayeth Otis

Operation Hipster

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15 responses to “The Mystical Blanket of Toastiness

  1. Oh Otis…you are so blessed. I wish every kitty had guardians like yours to take such good care of them. I hope you have a very Merry Catmas!! Your friends, Becca, Steve, Romeo & Juliet
    P.S. Romeo & Juliet plan to send you their favorite box pictures very soon!!

  2. Leader Otis, We think those MMoT are simply the bee’s knees! Our Mommy has two for us to toast our rumps, and we can imagine how nice and warm your bionic hip became.

  3. Wow! A blanket and a mat! Is there anything that mystical thing cant do!
    You sure have well trained guardians, Otis!

  4. Otis, I can feel your warm, toasty goodness from here. Best Fishes on your speedy recovery!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  5. Leader Otis, you inspire your followers to do great things. After reading your blog today our HuMom brought out our very own MMoT too. We will think of you as we soak up the toasty goodness. We are in awe of you Leader Otis.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  6. We’ve got a blanket of toastiness too. It is pretty awesome.

  7. spittythekitty

    My Human has a MMoT and do you know she has NEVER seen fit to share it with ME? It’s an outrage, that’s what it is.

    You *do* look awfully comfortables there with that soft pillow under Your furry little head and the MMoT over Your hip. You have trained Your Guardians well. Do You think You might consider sharing it with the Damaged Clumsy Guardian?

  8. No one deserve bliss more. Snooze in peace and warmth

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