One Of The Guardians Is Clumsy

My Disciples,

Two nights ago, one of the Guardians slipped on our basement staircase and he had to take a trip to the human Bad Place. I overheard the Guardians talking when they got back, and it sounded like My clumsy guardian was going to be OK. I guess he had all kinds of radumographs taken at the Bad Place and nothing was broken. Still, he looked pretty sore.

Otis on stairs

This is where the Guardian fell. I guess he landed on his back. Oh, and yes! That’s Me walking up the stairs. I’m getting better!

I was telling Brothers Henry and Oliver about what had happened, and I was shaking My head in amazement at how clumsy humans can be. Then, Brother Oliver reminded Me that I had once slid all the way down that same staircase backward. Brother Henry joined in, saying that he remembered it too. I admit, they were right, but I had tried to forget that incident. Remembering it gave Me much more sympathy for the Guardian, so when he stayed home all day yesterday I snuggled up to him on the couch. I think it helped him feel better.

So Sayeth Otis

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35 responses to “One Of The Guardians Is Clumsy

  1. Awwwww, you are so good to your Guardians, Otis! They are lucky to have you. Hope the clumsy one feels better soon!

  2. Praying for the Guardian’s swift recovering. Otis, being the big sweetie you obviously are, I’m sure you and the brothers will do as nice a job looking after the injured Guardian as they do looking after you! Sad that it had to happen at Hanukka and Christmas–hope the Guardian is back on their paws soon!

  3. sqeekchair

    Thank you, brother Otis for taking care of your “clumsy human guardian.” We- as myself, are mere humans who do not practice that “cat landing mechanism” that you felines gracefully employ.

  4. Your clumsy human may want to use the Four on the Floor (or stairs) technique from now on! Srsly, we are sending big purrs for your Guardian. Our Mommy is a total klutz and she says the purrs DO help.

    And Otis–WAY TO GO on climbing the stairs!

  5. I ended up falling on my stairs last night, so I have sympathy for your Guardian.

  6. Batya

    Poor Guardian! Hope he feels better now, after his Otis Treatment. And excellent stair-climbing by you! Good to see.

    • Thanks Batya. I think I did make him feel a little better. And I’m really working on those stairs. I have a looooong road ahead of Me still, but I’m working pretty hard to get better!

  7. Yikes, sorry to hear that. Hope the guardian is OK

  8. We’re glad your guardian is okay. It woulda been no fun having 2 of you recuperating from surgery. πŸ™‚

  9. Only ONE of your humans is clumsy? I thought that clumsiness was just one of those human traits we must make allowances for. Our boy/man slipped in the giant bowl while he was getting rained on. He twisted his knee and was allowed to hide from the school monster he has to fight most days. We like it when he stays home…and so does he. We hope the Guardian is feeling better soon. Maybe, when he recovers some he can take treat-ments with you, Leader Otis. That way you can recover together.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Hmmm… I’m not sure the Guardian would like My treat-ments, M and H! Plus, with Brothers O and H already taking the treat-ments with Me, I would worry that we would run out if the Guardian started taking them! πŸ™‚

  10. Good for you snuggling with your Gurdian. Humans need time with kitties after going to the human Bad Place.

  11. I know you don’t ‘do’ awards, but I wanted to pass this one to you Leader Otis because I am your follower and I believe you ARE the Next Big Thing. And to see you coming up the stairs gave me and Mom leaky eyes.

  12. Nothing is better than a warm kitty when banged up. So insightful of you, Otis. Thanks for helping. (Santa is bound to have taken note)

  13. Ouch. Take care of your humans

  14. spittythekitty

    Did they put a Cone on him? ‘Cause, You know, I think he prolly needs one. It was very nice of You to snuggle with him and share Your warms.

  15. Oh ouchie, we’ll be purring for your guardian! Perhaps you can snuggle on his lap since you both got ouchies?

  16. Oh dear, I hope he feels better! And look at you walking up the stairs! Way to go.

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