Call For Box Day Photo Submissions

My Disciples,

As you know, December 26 is Box Day. What’s that? You didn’t know!? OK, I better explain what box day is then. Here’s the run down from

Box Day- December 26

No one knows why, but cardboard boxes are the most interesting things in the universe to a cat. No matter how many fancy beds you buy, no matter how much you spend on cat trees or other kitty “furniture”, no matter how many balls, catnip toys, laser pointers and other items you provide, your cat will lose interest in all of them the moment you place an empty cardboard box on the floor. If a box is present, it must immediately be investigated and, most likely, sat in. Only cats know the secret of the box’s appeal, but Box Day is the day of the year to celebrate your feline’s affinity for all things cardboard. So on December 26, fill an entire room with boxes of varying size, shape and depth and let kitty explore them and sit in them to his or her heart’s desire.

Box day occurs two days after Catsmas, and one day after the Christian human holiday called Christmas. Both Catsmas and Christmas seem to result in a large number of empty boxes, so it is only natural that Box Day comes right after them.

It is a holiday tradition here on The Blog of Otis to have a big Box Day photo catstravaganza! If you would like your kitty to be included in this year’s celebration, please send your photos to us by 3 pm on Dec. 25.

Otis blissed in box

Here’s one of My favorite boxes from over the summer. Please send your favorite photos for inclusion in our Box Day celebration!

We can’t wait to see your photos. Let’s make this the best Box Day ever!

So Sayeth Otis

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21 responses to “Call For Box Day Photo Submissions

  1. MeWow Leader Otis! Box day sounds like great fun! Mistletoe and I love boxes. Any size or shape boxes are great. I think I need to go find one now! Bye! Leader Otis, hope you’re feeling better.
    Purrs to you
    Mistletoe & Hitch
    RWB (Reader Without Blog)

  2. We’ve got so many pictures of us in boxes, it’s gonna be hard to choose! But we’ll make sure we send some to you!!

  3. On it Leader O! So purrleased you feel well enough to have your Box Day photo catstravaganza….runs to review fave box photo ops….

  4. My cats love a good box… Can I send my photo of Piaf the kitten in the sink too? She has an obsession with being in the sink…

  5. Oh boy! I’ll have to try and get some! We have the boxes, now I just have to be handy with the camera!

  6. spittythekitty

    Efurry rule has its exception, and I am the exception to this one. I.Do.Not.Like.Boxes. I am certain they are going to EAT ME. Oh, now, I know–they do not eat the OTHER Kitties, but I am taking my little kitty life in my hands if I enter even the shallowest of boxes. Nuh-uh. Nope, no way. You’ll have to have your boxathon without Spitty-the-Kitty! Hope You are feeling better, Leader Otis!

  7. What’s your email address? I have something you will want to see BOL

  8. Oh Otis! Our cats love box day but they really like wrapping paper and bow day too. Happy Holiday! – DogDaz

  9. RC is already practicing her boxing techniques.

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