The Leader Has A Kitty Cold

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. The Leader wanted me to tell you that He is sorry He can’t address you today. He is feeling a bit under the weather because He is fighting a kitty cold. I think all of the stress of His surgery and ongoing recovery finally caught up with Him. He’s hanging in there though. He is currently snuggled up in a warm blanket on the couch.

Kitty Cold

The Leader has a kitty cold. He is taking it easy and will hopefully be better soon.

The Guardians are taking good care of Leader Otis, and Brother Henry and I are instituting extra patrols to keep Him safe while He feels punky. I’m sure He will bounce back quickly!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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38 responses to “The Leader Has A Kitty Cold

  1. Joy

    Tell Leader Otis I’m sorry! Poor cat :(. One of our cats (when we had one) had something like that once I think. Purrs to the Leader!

  2. I hope Leader Otis feels better very soon! Sister Nymeria and I sent all of our warmest snuggles and pets his way. xx

  3. Good to know Leader Otis is being well taken care of!!

  4. Poor Leader Otis! We are sending hearty purrs to assist with his recovery.

  5. I didn’t want to “like” this one because hearing our dear leader Otis is under the weather distresses me. His little immune system is compromised with the surgery so he’ll need lots of vitamins, nutrients, warmth and rest now and I know the Guardians and all you boys have that well in hand. Sent Otis and all of you a cyber hug and prayer just now. All will be well. Keep us posted!

  6. OMC!!! rubs worried paw together…Brothers Oliver, Henry and Thomas…purrlease keep him safe and warm. In his weakened state he needs 48/14 care and sekurity! I know you are all on top of this…give him some soft paw pats from me, Savannah

  7. Awww, poor Leader Otis! I could see how the stress could cause him to feel poorly. Purrs for a quick recovery!! I know all of you are taking great care of him.

  8. Batya

    Poor Otis! Hope he feels better soon, and that on one else gets the cold.
    And what IS the etiquette for a post that has negative news? I also am reluctant to vote something “Excellent” if it’s sad.

    • Thanks Batya. So far the rest of us are still feeling OK. I think The Leader just caught the cold because of all the recent stress. I don’t think The Leader would be upset if you rated the post positively despite the negative news. I think He would understand. 🙂

      – Brother Oliver

  9. ena

    Buster sends his purrs for a speedy recovery.

  10. We are sending Leader Otis strong, healing, purrs to help him feel better. We know that he is well taken care of with the Guardians and you, Brothers Oliver and Henry. We hope he is well soon.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch
    RWB ( Readers Without Blogs)

  11. Purrs to the leader.

    I think a positive rating would equal a positive thought..

  12. Aww, poor Leader, we’re purring for him!! I’m glad his guardians and you brothers take such good care of him!

  13. Poor Leader. Stress can make you sick. I was sick living in the shelter from the stress of it. I had to take antibiotics. I hope you feel better quick…pretty soon the fat man comes and you want to be well so you can enjoy the things he brings…like fresh nip.

  14. We are purring that the Leader feels better soon.

  15. We are sending Otis our strongest healing purrs that he will be feeling better soon !!!

  16. We offer purrs for a speedy recovery and regrets that we misinterpreted the gentle hand of petting yesterday! We are sorry the Leader is a tad under the weather and hope He perks up soon. Send Him healing purrs and purrayers.

  17. Drink lots of water Leader Otis, and get well soon. 😀

  18. Hope he is feeling better soon!

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