Boo Boo Buddy Bob is the Best!

My Disciples,

I’ve been working hard the past few days, taking all of the treat-ments that the Guardians offer to Me. They are continuing to combine My therapeutic regimen with getting their exercise though, walking to the opposite side of the room after every treat-ment. You would think they would realize that My leg is still weak, and that it is a major hassle for Me to walk to them over and over again. Plus, all this movement is making My recently surgerized leg tired and sore! Luckily, the Guardians must realize this because they have introduced Me to a new friend.

My new friend’s name is Bob, and the Guardians say he is a “Boo Boo Buddy”. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but Bob is a smiling, yellow, squarish fellow who lives in the freezer. When placed on My sore leg, Bob’s soothing coldness takes the edge off My pain.

Boo Boo Buddy Bob

My Boo Boo Buddy Bob reduces My pain with soothing coldness.

I hope Bob sticks around throughout My recovery period, especially if the Guardians keep insisting on getting their exercise during My daily treat-ment sessions. Bob doesn’t say much, but he doesn’t have to. Just having him sit on My hip for a few minutes makes Me feel better. He is really, really cool.

So Sayeth Otis

Operation Hipster

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22 responses to “Boo Boo Buddy Bob is the Best!

  1. Dear Leader Otis, you have such wonderful, caring Guardians!! I’m glad they’re taking such great care of you (and working in a little fitness regime for themselves at the same time!). You’ll be healed up and leading the Cult of Otis again in no time! Lots of purrs, Linda, David, Lola, Griffon & Luna

  2. You have really done an excellent job of training the Guardians to anticipate and respond to your needs. Well done, Leader!

  3. Thank Ceiling Cat you had the Guardians well trained before your hipsterctomy and they know how to immediately respond to your many needs. And Boo Boo Bob is a happy fellow and good partner. So says your faithful follower and furriend, paw pats, Savannah

  4. Leader Otis! I am so glad to hear that Boo Boo Bob is helping you through your recovery. Also, reading your blog has cat-apulted me to a new level of cat love bonkerdom (one that I never knew existed.) I am truly ready for my cult robes. x

  5. That Bob sure is a wonderful guy, Leader Otis! We noticed that your pant leg is growing back in already…you are a sturdy guy to clothe yourself so quickly. BTW, our Mommy is in LURVE with your little fur mukluk.

  6. Bob sounds like a good friend to have around!

  7. That Bob is a good friend. We’re glad he’s there to help your leg feel better.

  8. Oh Otis, poor you!!! We hope boo boo bob helps you to feel better.

  9. spittythekitty

    Bob is good, but we think maybe that Human’s pretty and gentle hand on Your rump is very soothing also. You are a Good Boy, Leader Otis.

  10. Whooooooo lives in the freezer under the peas?
    BooBoo Bob, Frozen Buddy!

    Sorry… had to…

    Hope you’re feeling better every day Otis!

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