Good News From The Bad Place

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. Despite the knowledge of His pending visit to The Bad Place, The Leader had a great night last night. He snuggled up with both of the Guardians on the couch, and for a little while He was talking like He might want to blog this morning when He got home from The Bad Place.

Otis snuggling

Leader Otis had a great night of snuggling last night. He thought He might want to blog this morning.

By the time the Guardians brought Him back from The Bad Place this morning though, blogging seemed to be the last thing on His mind. Even through the bars of the portable kitty jail, I could see right away that He had experienced a bit of a stressful morning.

Otis in carrier with cone on

The Leader looked a little stressed out when He returned from The Bad Place.

I was worried at first, but then I heard the Guardians talking to each other. They were very excited that the people at The Bad Place had said Leader Otis is doing great. As they opened the door to the kitty jail, they told Leader Otis that He no longer needed to wear His weird collar, and that He no longer needed to be closed in a small room when they weren’t around. He didn’t seem to hear any of this. As He exited the jail, I decided to give Him a full cat scan to make sure He was OK.

Oliver inspection 1

Since The Leader didn’t seem to be hearing what the Guardians were saying, I decided to give Him a full cat scan.

As I scanned The Leader, He slowly made His way to the nearby couch and crawled underneath it. I completed My scan and verified that He seemed to be in one piece. I also noticed that He no longer had staples in His leg.

Oliver inspection 2

I completed my cat scan as The Leader crawled under the couch. He seemed to be fine.

At that point, I decided that maybe Leader Otis just needed some alone time. I went off to see if there were any snacks in my bowl and I heard the Guardians leave to run some errands. I thought this was a good sign because The Leader was still under the couch. They really were serious that He no longer needed to be closed off when He was alone. I ran back into the living room to share this thought with The Leader, but He wasn’t interested in what I had to say.

Otis under couch

I was excited that the Guardians had left without locking up Leader Otis. The Leader ignored me when I shared the information.

I left The Leader and returned to my bowl. I snacked for several minutes and then went back to check on Him. When I looked under the couch though, Leader Otis was no longer there. I searched the house and finally found Him down in the basement. He was laying in the doorway to the room in which He had been sequestered. The gate was no longer there, and the blanket that used to be on top of the small bed was no longer there. The Leader looked at me and said, “Brother Oliver! Oh, good to see you. I think the Guardians forgot to bring Me down here before they left. I want to make sure that I heal properly though so I decided to come down here on My own. For some reason the gate is gone though, and have you seen My blanket?”

Otis confused in sequester room

The Leader sequestered Himself because He didn’t know it was no longer necessary.

Finally The Leader had recovered enough from the stress of The Bad Place that He could hear what I was saying. I filled Him in on all that I had heard, and told Him that He was free to go wherever He wanted! I also told Him that the Guardians had left His blanket upstairs on the couch. It took a moment for all of the information to sink in, but when it did, Leader Otis headed off to the couch immediately. His leg is pretty weak right now, so it was a bit of a trek, but even though He was limping He seemed to be in much less pain.

Otis happy on couch

Leader Otis finally understood that He could now roam the house freely. He headed back up to the couch.

Once He was on the couch, The Leader fell sound asleep. He looked more content than He had in a long, long time. From what the Guardians were saying, I know He still has several weeks of work to get His leg back in shape, but the hardest part for Him, sitting still, is now over.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver


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43 responses to “Good News From The Bad Place

  1. That is good news. we hope Leader Otis continues to heal up quickly!!

  2. Three cheers for Leader Otis:

  3. 2 cats

    I am so glad that leader Otis is doing well, hopefully he will be back to blogging soon

  4. Whooo Hoooo, that is such good news. It will probably take him a while to get the strength back in that hind leg. Take good care of him all of you.

  5. Otis…Juliet here. Let me just tell you that it would take me A LOT longer to recover from the bad place. I’d be hiding for a couple days. I’m glad you found your blanket on the couch cause it’s a lot more comfortable than being under the couch. Glad you are feeling less pain now! Hope the rest of your recovery is speedy!! Love, Juliet, Romeo, Becca & Steve

  6. We’re so glad the Leader got a good report from the Bad Place. We hope he continues to heal quickly.

  7. Glad the Leader is doing well! I’m also glad he doesn’t have to stay down in the basement. Purrs to the Leader!

  8. Hurrah Leader Otis!! We’re so glad you’re feeling better, and hopefully, you won’t have to go back to the Bad Place for a long time. And being on the comfy couch is certainly better than being in the basement. Purrs and love from all of us! Linda, David, Lola, Griffon & Luna

  9. Oh thank Ceiling Cat!!!! Paw hugs Leader Otis. From your follower, Savvy. AKA Savannah

  10. Wonderful news! I’m sure you and the Guardians have missed him very much. I think you and Henry should take a celebratory nap with the Leader!

  11. mistletoeandhitch

    We are so happy to hear that Leader Otis received a good report from the BadPlace and the staples have been removed. It is a Gotcha Day wish come true. Plus I got bacon! Life is good!
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  12. We’re so glad to hear our purrs for Leader Otis are being answered and he got a good report from his doctors!

  13. Batya

    Excellent news!! I can sympathize with how traumatic staple removal is. I have a new knee and the day the staples came out screams on in memory. If I could have fit under any furniture to hide, I would have. Heal well, Leader Otis.

  14. So glad to hear the good news and look forward to Otis’ recovery and future blog entries 🙂

  15. Hurray for good mews! Can hardly wait to hear from the Leader himself.

  16. Please give Otis a little rubbie from his new fan, Paw-wet (nickname for Paulette)

  17. Jenn

    Three cheers for Leader Otis getting better! Well Done Brothers and T for keeping him safe from the LFDU while he recoups and to the Guardians for being such loving caretakers. If only all kitties were so lucky to be so well-loved!

  18. I’m so glad he got good news, but boy does he look tuckered out! Poor baby, he needs some extra snuggles! Someone give him one from me please!

  19. spittythekitty

    Aw, that last picture just tugged at the Human’s heartstrings. Poor sweet Leader has been through some rough times. We are glad that things are looking up for Him now. We are looking forward with great anticipation to the Leader’s return to blogging; since we only met you when the Leader was undergoing His trauma, we have yet to hear His Voice first-hand. It will be a treat.

  20. Brilliant news xx well done Leader Otis

  21. That’s great news, I am so pleased to hear it!!

  22. Big sighs of relief and many paw waves ( gentle ones so as not to knock you over)

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