Sit Still Sunday

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. It is now the day before Leader Otis goes back to The Bad Place for His first post-Hipsterectomy checkup. It is also (hopefully) the last day that He is supposed to limit His activity. As you are probably aware, getting Him to limit His activity has been a bit of a challenge, so we decided to declare today “Sit Still Sunday” in the hopes that it would convince The Leader to do just that.

The Guardians have been very helpful in our efforts to get Leader Otis to stay still. For instance, knowing that The Leader loves shinies, they went out and found a magic mat that creates shinies whenever Leader Otis bats at it. The mat has fireflies on it, and when it is jostled even a little bit the firefly butts light up in a crazy pattern.

Petstages firefly mat-1

The firefly butts flash on and off in a crazy, random pattern. It looks like they all come on at once in this photo, but they don’t.

Because the mat is fairly small, and the flashes are all confined to the mat, Leader Otis does not run around chasing these shinies. Instead, He just lays down and watches them, periodically batting at them and reactivating the mat.

Otis with petstage

The flashes mesmerize The Leader. He sits and watches them, occasionally batting at them and reactivating the mat.

The Guardians also give The Leader toys that are too big to bat and chase, but that are perfect snuggling size. One such toy is a squirrel with a big, fluffy tail.

Otis with squirrel

The Guardians also give Leader Otis toys that He likes to snuggle.

For some reason, The Leader really likes that fluffy tail on the squirrel. Actually, He likes all kinds of fluffy tails so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Unlike other fluffy tail owners, this squirrel doesn’t get upset when his tail is snuggled.

Otis snuggling squirrel

Leader Otis can snuggle this squirrel’s tail for hours and he never complains.

So hopefully we’ll make it through today without a lot of movement from The Leader. We always have the catnip banana to fall back on, but we’d rather not have Him hungover when he goes back to The Bad Place in the morning. Wish us luck!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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31 responses to “Sit Still Sunday

  1. Paws crossed for Leader Otis tomorrow! We bet he’ll get the green light, he appears to be ready for it.

  2. We’re purring for Otis for tomorrow!
    You know, if all else fails, and knowing how he loves tails… you brothers just might have to sacrifice your own tails for some Leader snuggling… At least he’ll be still if you keep your tails in one spot! I wouldn’t ask Thomas to help with that though.. He already thinks your weird! MOL

  3. We sure are sending tons of purrs for Leader Otis tomorrow in hopes that he gets the go ahead to romp. We think he has been a good boy. The donkeys will be keeping their cute hooves crossed for you Otis.

  4. We like the idea of sit still Sunday. We have been doing it most of the day. We hope the v-e-t visit tomorrow goes well.

  5. We are keeping our paws crossed that Leader Otis’s visit to the bad place goes well and he gets the go to resume normal activity. We know it’s stressful to all involved. Our huMom was supposed to remain flat on her back for six weeks once. It did not bring out her most lovable qualities. Leader Otis seems to be taking a more zen attitude about his situation, and we agree going to the bad place with a banana hangover would be a bad idea. Who knows what kind of hallucinations might ensue? More than walls running away for sure. Mistletoe here, tomorrow is my 9th gotcha day. I would like to use my gotcha day wish to wish Leader Otis a clean bill of health and the Guardians a bill marked paid in full.

    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  6. Brother Oliver, the mat is a wonder! Where did that magic come from? (RC is scowling at the door mat which refuses to show anything worth batting at…no one counts dog hair as interesting.)
    Hoping the Leader is up and around soon!

  7. I wonder if the Leader will be feeling up to doing His regular posting in a few days, if He can run around like normal tomorrow!

  8. Otis, we are hoping everything goes really well for you tomorrow. I hope your hip is less painful to walk on and the exercises you’ll have to do aren’t too annoying for you. We miss hearing from you…although Brothers Oliver and Henry are doing really well in your absence. Even Thomas did a good job. You should be proud of them! Good luck tomorrow!! Love, Becca, Steve, Romeo & Juliet

    • Leader Otis misses all of you too, Becca. He’s been frustrated that we’ve all been so strict about limiting His movement, but I think He realizes it is for His own good. Hopefully the restrictions will be eased after tomorrow and He’ll be allowed to jump back up to the computer desk sometime soon!

      – Brother Oliver

  9. Purrs to you all, hoping the Leader is fine. I hope Leader Otis will be able to do his normal activities, like posting. No offense to you two, but it would be nice to hear from the Leader.

  10. spittythekitty

    We wish Leader Otis the very best in His return to the Stabby Place tomorrow. I’m sure He will be relieved that no one will knock Him unconscious and do unspeakable things this time. He certainly looks as though He is ready to start motoring. But He has been an excellently Good and Patient Boy throughout His enforced captivity and we eagerly await good news about His progress!

    • He might be relieved that things won’t be quite as intense on this visit, Spitty, but He’s still going to be pretty traumatized. I’m sure He’ll feel better once He can stop wearing that silly cone though!

      – Brother Oliver

  11. Batya

    Trout, Kismet, and I (their scribe) are hoping Leader Otis gets an A+ from his doctor. Love the firefly mat . . . now I have to try to find one.

  12. We hope all goes well for the Leader tomorrow and he can get back to his normal activities. Though we bet he’ll still want that nip nanner.

    • I think He will ALWAYS want that nip nanner Island Cats. Hmmmm… if we need to start getting Him to exercise, maybe Brother Henry and I could run around with the banana to get Him to chase us! ๐Ÿ™‚

      – Brother Oliver

  13. In honor of Leader Otis, I lie in solidarity!

  14. [agents rendevouz at the bad place] [i typed this in doganese so that the cats wont understand] [i hope]

  15. All the best for tomorrow Leader Otis xxx

  16. That mat looks wonderful and I hope Otis’s “bad place” visit is a positive one. The fuzzy squirrel looks exactly like the one my Amber is always playing with and leaving for us at various locations to say hello.

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