The Banangover

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. The Guardians brought The Leader upstairs to the living room this morning, and it looks like the banana catnip has finally worn off. I entered the Living room to find Leader Otis laying on his back and groaning loudly. He said, “Brother Henry…I… I think I must be dying…”

Otis upside down

Leader Otis was upside down in the living room. He thought he was dying.

I assured The Leader that He was not, in fact, dying. I told Him he really just needed to drink a lot of water and take it easy today. Without saying another word, He walked over to His water bowl and began to drink.

Otis drinking water

I told Leader Otis to drink some water. To my surprise, he complied.

After He had drank His fill, The Leader laid down next to the bowl and began to groan softly. He looked pretty miserable.

Otis feeling miserable

Leader Otis laid down next to the waterbowl and groaned.

Eventually, Leader Otis got up and walked slowly across the room. When He arrived that the posing bench, He sat down next to it. He seemed OK for a second, then He let out a little burp and said, “Oh man… I think I might hurl a hairball…”

Otis feeling nauseous

Leader Otis burped and then said He might hurl a hairball.

Fortunately, He didn’t hurl a hairball, but He did keel over with an audible thud on the floor next to the posing bench. I told Brother Henry to go check on Him. Brother Henry sniffed The Leader and said, “Well, the banana nip is no longer on his breath, but I can’t say that He smells good. I’m pretty sure He’s not dying though.”

Henry checking Otis

Brother Henry confirmed that the nip had worn off, and that Leader Otis smelled bad but was not dying.

Leader Otis seemed somewhat relieved by this information, not the part about Him stinking, but the part about Him not currently dying. He laid down with His head on the posing bench. Feeling a little guilty that we had intentionally nannered Him up, I joined The Leader to see if I could be of comfort.

Otis and Oliver on posing bench

I joined Leader Otis to see if I could be of comfort.

We shared each other’s company in silence for some time, and then Leader Otis said, “Brother Oliver? Have you seen My banana?” I shared a quick glance with Brother Henry who was sitting nearby. Brother Henry understood immediately and bolted out of the room to find and hide the catnip banana. From listening to the Guardians, I know that in just two more days Leader Otis is going back to The Bad Place for a checkup. If all goes well, He will be allowed to exercise all he wants after that. The last thing we want is for Him to be all nipped up when that day comes.

I didn’t tell The Leader any of this, of course. The threat of an impending Bad Place visit would only make Him want the banana even more. So I responded to His question by saying, “Ummmm… I think you ate the banana, Leader Otis…” He thought about that for a moment and said, “Huh… I wonder if that’s why I’m so nauseous…”

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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35 responses to “The Banangover

  1. Well, at least you didn’t start laughing like last time the Leader though He was going to die πŸ™‚
    Hopefully all will go well with His visit to The Bad Place and I hope He’s doing well!


  2. Poor Leader Otis! First a trip to the bad place, then a relapse with the catnip banana, and now another impending trip to the bad place. He’s had a hard month.

  3. Leader Otis, you might want to stick with a smaller plantain, next time.
    Just sayin’.

  4. Hang in there dear boy, sounds like you are nearly there.

  5. oh, he walked?! Great! paws are crossed that Leader Otis will not have his painful limp anymore and can play again. …(pssstt…just between us…I really do luvluvluv Leader Otis and feel really pawful when he hurts…shhhh..blushing) paw pats, Savannah

    • Thanks Savannah. Right now The Leader still limps, but since it’s been less than two weeks since surgery, and He’s not supposed to be walking much at all right now, we are all very hopeful.

      – Brother Oliver

      • sigh…thank you Brother Oliver for letting me know. I do worry a good bit about him, he is such a young mancat…so sad his early days and life have brought him such a challenging middle age…and he is such a joyful spirit…paw pats, Savannah

  6. Haha, quick thinking. Ate the banana… ^.^

  7. Oh dear, Leader Otis, too much nip. Hope the visit to the vet turns out well that you are declared free to go play or at least walk around more. We will be purring for ya.
    Take care.

  8. The Leader sure is in a bad state. He might need an intervention.

  9. spittythekitty

    Purrsonally, I think he should milk this for all the drugs he can get. That’s what the Human did when she had a kidney stone this summer. If you gotta endure the pain, then your Bestest Brothers should not harass you about your drug consumption. Hopefully he’ll get the Good Report from the Bad Place and then he can go cold turkey.

    Unless Santa brings him a new Nanner, or maybe some Bourbon.

  10. Poor Otis, them bananas really have a hold over him! Got my fingers crossed for his check up!

  11. I hope the checkup goes well! Hugs to you all and the Guardians!

  12. Hey Brother Oliver, I know you guys are a little busy right now (with Leader Otis) but I was wondering if (when the Leader is back to His usual self) you guys were going to do the Weekly Photo Challenges that The Daily Post put up every week?

    Purrs for the checkup!

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