Operation Hipster Commencing

Diciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. So, last night was a little rough. The Leader got Himself worked up about his surgery again and we found Him sitting in a box full of toys. When we asked Him why He was in there, He said that toys always make Him feel better. He said they didn’t seem to be working this time though.

Otis in toy box

Leader Otis was laying in a box of toys. He said that toys usually make Him feel better.

Brother Henry and I knew exactly what we needed to do. The Leader needed our support, and we were going to give it to Him. We coaxed Him up onto the couch and we snuggled up with Him in a show of solidarity.

Otis, Oliver and Henry resting before surgery

We snuggled up on the couch with Leader Otis so He would feel safe and supported.

This morning though, Leader Otis is off to The Bad Place, and Brother Henry and I feel like we can do even more to support Him. We also know that the Guardians are worried sick, so we figured out a way we could support both The Leader and the Guardians. We are launching “Operation Hipster” to raise money for Leader Otis’s surgery and recovery. To start, we created a fundraising video. Here it is:

In addition we created a website that explains Leader Otis’s problem and has a widget that allows people to donate. Brother Henry and I would love it if you would visit the site and share it with anyone you think might want to help.

Operation Hipster

Visit the official Operation Hipster website to support Leader Otis!


Oh, and there’s also a special opportunity to have a kitty of your choice become one of the Cult of Otis Patron Saints! Visit the Operation Hipster website for details!

Now, Brother Henry and I are going to go do our best to stay strong for The Leader. I know we won’t be able to do Him any good if we are both nervous wrecks when He gets home tomorrow. Please purr that the Leader’s surgery goes well, and we will let you know as soon as we have any news.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

Cult of Otis Store

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20 responses to “Operation Hipster Commencing

  1. Nan

    I will be thinking about Leader Otis all day…as well as The Brothers, Thomas and the Guardians. Take care all. (That video is heartbreaking…what you don’t see in still photography . . ..)

  2. We are all purring that your hip heals soon Otis!!! Hope your operation is very successful and you can run and walk again without pain very soon!!!

  3. ena

    lot of purrs from Buster and Otis is in my prayers.

  4. We just chipped in a little bit. Will be eagerly awaiting the updates. Nan is right–the video brought me to tears. Much love to you and the brothers and the Guardians, Otis.

  5. Brothers Dexter and Eleu emptied their coin jars and asked their Guardians to make a donation — they know their mother Guardian gets much joy from Otis and his brothers, it was the least they could do. Kitty prayers with Otis today. ~ Kat

  6. Good luck tomorrow Dear Leader – the video shows just how badly you need this op. Can’t wait to see you back to your old mobile form.

  7. We are purring hard for Otis. Mommy was in tears Watching the video. He is going to do so much better with his new Happy Hip!

  8. Monster, Buggy, Bunk, and Calico Kitten along with their Guardians are purring for Otis and have chipped in. We all agree the video is heartbreaking and we had no idea Otiey was in such bad shape. He’s a real trooper.

  9. Sherry Narens

    I know everyone in Otis’s household is busy today, but it would be great if you could add a “share” widget to the blog. A good feline friend of mine had this same surgery, and I’d like to share this information in solidarity with all limping felines.

  10. We’re purring for Leader Otis. You’re all right — the video is heartbreaking! I had not idea he was hurting so badly — poor, sweet kitty!! We all chipped in and can’t wait to see him back in the blog. Please keep us posted. Purrs from David, Lola, Griffon & Luna too!!

  11. Leader Otis we don’t have the funds to share but I will pray for you on the day of your surgery and I hope that will help. I’m a bit teary watching the video of your struggle and I hope so much the surgery will give you pain free mobility again.

  12. Our gang is purring for Otis to have a successful surgery and swift recovery! I loved the picture of the three boys cuddling on the sofa, I know cuddling will be an essential part of Otis’ rehabilitation. Good luck today!!!

  13. Suspected it was bad as the others were seeking to comfort.
    Olde Tiger suffered, too – but he got to where we had to carry him since he just laid down and didn’t move.
    Otis, you are younger with great heart. Purring warmth and support – and guidance for the surgeon’s hands. We wait in hope.

  14. We are sending mega purrs in Leader Otis’s direction for a successful surgery and recovery with ease. He is in our thoughts and prayers and we send him lots of love.

  15. Thank you all so much! We are overwhelmed by your loving support!

    – Brother Oliver

  16. Oh Otis! I too cried at the video. Will see if the cookie car has any wiggle room. I hope today went well.

  17. 2 cats

    Can this operation not be claimed on your pet insurance?

  18. What a fab idea! And to help I would like to offer a case of our new cat food, which you can raffle?! If you’re interested send me an email basil@harringtonsdogfood.co.uk

  19. Oh that’s heartbreaking 😦 and it must make you angry too, if it was caused by a bad vet. Can you sue? At least they could pay for the op and if it put them out of business so much the better! I hope the op works and Otis is back to his magnificent self soon.

  20. Oh! The video made me cry – Leader Otis looks so pained. I’m glad the surgery went well. Purr therapy from the Thunder household!

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