Preparing The Leader

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. As I mentioned on Sunday, I overheard the Guardians talking about Leader Otis’s surgery, and they had decided on a date. I didn’t want to tell The Leader right away because He was hurting very badly and I didn’t want Him to also be worrying about His pending visit to The Bad Place. This morning Brother Henry convinced me that it was time to fill Leader Otis in so He could prepare Himself. I called The Leader into the living room and had Him meet me at the posing bench. Brother Henry stayed close by, both to provide security and to offer extra emotional support if needed.

Oliver breaking the news 1

I called Leader Otis over to the posing bench. Brother Henry stayed close by.

As soon as The Leader was comfortable I told Him that I had heard The Guardians say that He was going to have surgery on November 26. Leader Otis paused for a moment and then he said, “Tell me exactly what they said.” I replied, “One Guardian told the other that Otis’s FHO would happen on November 26.” Leader Otis paused again and then said, “F-H-O… how do you know that means surgery? I thought I was going to have a Hipsterectomy…” I answered, “Yes, Leader Otis, you are having a Hipsterectomy. I have deduced that FHO is short for ‘Full Hipsterectomy Operation’.” The Leader then sat silently for a long time with a strained look on his face.

Oliver breaking the news 2

After I explained how I knew when His surgery would take place, Leader Otis sat quietly looking strained.

Eventually, Leader Otis said, “Are you sure that’s what FHO means? Does it really mean surgery? Couldn’t it just mean something like ‘For Helping Ouchiness’? You know, like maybe just something they put on My ouchy leg here at home to make it better? Then I wouldn’t have to go to The Bad Place! Please, Brother Oliver, I really don’t want to go to The Bad Place!” He then began to whimper softly as He snuggled up against me.

Oliver comforting Otis

Leader Otis became fearful at the thought of His pending surgery. He snuggled up against me for comfort.

I did my best to comfort The Leader. He’s been dealing with hip pain for so long right now that I think He is emotionally spent and having trouble coping with this added bit of stress. I’d be lying if I said that Brother Henry and I weren’t worried about Him as well, but we have faith in the Guardians and know they will do everything in their power to help The Leader heal.

Eventually Leader Otis calmed down and settled in on the couch for a nap. I know some rough days are ahead, but Brother Henry and I will be here for him. In fact, to show my support, I have vowed not to play any practical jokes on Leader Otis until He has fully recovered from His Hipsterectomy. I hope He heals quickly!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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39 responses to “Preparing The Leader

  1. We have our paws crossed for Leader Otis! Felix had orthopedic surgery on his knee a few years back and he is fine today, he runs and leaps like a champ. The first two days after the surgery were the roughest for him, even with a fentanyl patch he felt pretty awful. Sometimes painkillers blunt the appetite, so have plenty of treats on hand for Otis to tempt him to eat. Also, Mommy helped support Felix when he used the box because it was tough for him to squat on only one leg.
    After about a week Felix started to feel much better; we hope all goes well for Otis, too.

  2. Mom said her cat before me, Popcorn, had to have each of his patella’s pinned together cuz he popped them out, he had to spend 8 weeks confined in a very small space so he could not jump. Mom got him a very large crate, for a dog, made from ballistic material, and you set it up kind of like a human tent. It is light weight, large zipper entrance, mesh on all sides and top, but you can zip the top closed if you want. They kept a towel over it to make it dark for the first week. ANd like Katnip Lounge said, the first few days were very painful, even with that patch. Popcorn needed additional pain med by mouth. But after each surgery, he was able to play and jump up to his fave top spot on the cat tower. Love you Leader Otis, Savannah and Mom

    • Thanks Savannah. That’s good to hear that another kitty had surgery with excellent results. Hopefully Leader Otis will be feeling better in no time. I’ll be sure to pass along your love!

      – Brother Oliver

  3. November 26 is right around the corner! Dear Brother Oliver, please tell the Leader that I’m keeping my fingers crossed for his surgery (it will surely be a success) and I wish him a speedy recovery! Much love from far away going His way!

  4. Feel better Leader Otis! You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. 2 cats

    I hope the fho goes well and that it helps leader Otis with his ouchy leg

  6. Leader Otis, I hope you go ahead and get it over with so you can be better by Christmas. You don’t want to miss the chance to climb the tree, do you

  7. Everyone here is purring for a successful surgery for Leader Otis and complete and quick recovery too.

  8. Please keep us posted, we are very concerned for The Leader.

  9. Aw, Poor Otis! It does sound scary, but I bet he feels better after it’s all over with! Be brave and hang in there Otis, we’ll be purring and praying for you!

  10. It’s ok to be afraid of the unknown. But it is not ok to not go there because of fear. Your Guardians are doing their best for the Leader and will help y’all take good care of him while he recuperates. And my Mama is praying for him.

  11. Continued purrs for Otis, for his mental as well as physical health..

  12. mistletoeandhitch

    Brother Oliver, you and Brother Henry are good and loyal friends to Leader Otis. Between the 2 of you and the Guardians and Thomas, Leader Otis has all the love and support he could ever need. In addition, all of us who follow and support Leader Otis from afar are sending our best wishes for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery. Although we are very far away, please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist the Leader. Please let the Guardians know we support them too during this difficult time.

    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  13. Awww poor Otis 😦 he looks like he needs a snuggly hug, it’s good that he has you guys to look out for him and comfort with purry cuddles and the guardians too.

  14. Brother Oliver, please tell Leader Otis and the other Brothers that all good Guardians hate to see their kitties in pain. So please let your Guardians know that you understand why Leader Otis must go to the bad place.

  15. Wishing Otis the most successful of surgeries and speediest of recoveries! Oh, and sister Nymeria snuggles in solidarity. 🙂

  16. Oliver it’s going to be ok no matter what. Otis puts on a good front but it’s time for relief! He’ll be leading a new round of catolympics soon! 🙂

  17. Jenn

    Good luck Leader Otis, may you feel better soon!

  18. Leader Otis – be brave – it will be fine and you will feel better!
    One of our former RC cats, KC, was shot by an evil child and it broke leg bones – the wonderful place that used to be the terrible place’s kind workers operated and fixed the leg.
    KC was annoyed with the funny metal brace he was forced to wear for a bit – but he felt so much better he loudly complained about the brace – not his leg. But he sat in the sun as Olde Tiger suggested and ate and rested and was soon well. He was all better because of the kind workers at the previously ouchie, but now wonderful place.
    Take heart! RC cat will instruct all in the realm to purr perfection to your hip.

  19. Sendin hugs, it is good that the guardians have a date as it means he will be back to his old self soon!!

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