Soreness Sunday

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. Leader Otis asked Me to fill in for Him this morning because He says He is too sore for blogging. He’s been curled up in a cardboard flat all morning looking miserable.

Otis sore

The Leader is having a bad day. His Art Thritis is making Him very sore.

Because The Leader is hurting, I have declared this Soreness Sunday. I hope He gets all of His soreness out in this one day so He can move on to Much Better Monday. I didn’t want to tell Him this, but I overheard the Guardians talking about His upcoming Hipsterectomy surgery and it sounds like they have set a date. I know it’s going to be scary for Him, but hopefully once it is over He will be on the road to leaving days like today behind Him.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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28 responses to “Soreness Sunday

  1. Poor Otis! We’ll purr for his hurty hippy…

  2. Dear Brother Oliver, thanks for the update. Please tell Leader Otis we’re sending him the best of vibes for both getting better for Monday AND for a successful surgery!

  3. Nan

    I feel for You Otis—stay warm.

  4. mistletoeandhitch

    We are so sad to read that Leader Otis is feeling poorly. We are sending good thoughts and purrs his way in hope they’ll help him feel better. Thank you, Brother Oliver, for taking such good care of the Leader. Having those who care for you close by is a comfort when you don’t feel well.

    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  5. I will keep my paws crossed for Leader Otis:)!!

  6. Brother Oliver, please tell Leader Otis we here are praying for his comfort and upcoming surgery. I hope he feels much better soon.

  7. Sending lot of (((purrs))) to poor Otis and his bad hip ❤

  8. Batya

    Oh my goodness, poor Leader Otis. He looks miserable. Any idea what will happen in the surgery? Do kitties get artificial joints? I’m thinking not, maybe arthroscopy. Purring for Leader Otis.

    • I think I heard the Guardians saying the surgery was called an FHO. I assume this means something like, “Feline Hipsterectomy Operation” or something.

      Thanks so much for the purrs, Batya.

      – Brother Oliver

  9. I am sad that you are hurting Leader Otis. Jen has a relationship with the Author Itis dude too…. I hear he gets around!

  10. Aww, Poor Otis! We’re sending hugs and purrs!

  11. Sending him hugs that he will be up to full strength soon!

  12. I hope you and the boys give him extra snuggles when he is hurting like this. He looks so miserable–I just want to snuggle him and make it better. I’m sure the Guardians feel the same.

  13. Our thought here are with Otis and I do hope his upcoming event will help make him feel better.

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