Many More Lost

My Disciples,

Once again I must report that some of My feline brothers and sisters have gone missing. As always, I apologize for the sadness this reality brings, but it cannot be ignored. The only way to be sure your kitty is safe is to have a safe confinement plan. Whenever a kitty is allowed to roam free, that kitty’s life is at risk. These posters are a reminder of the importance of giving your kitty well-defined, safe boundaries.

First, we have Mikie. This beautiful, laid back tuxedo boy went missing in September.

Lost Cat Poster- Mikie-2

Mikie is missing. I purr that he is someplace safe.

Next, we have Oscar, an 8 year old Maine Coon kitty that has been missing since August. The lost poster notes that he is “indoor/outdoor”, which means he is, or was, a Limbo kitty.

Lost Cat Poster- Oscar-2

Oscar is missing. I purr that he finds his way home.

Another tuxedo kitty, Max, has also gone missing. He has not been seen since August 5.

Lost Cat Poster- Max-1

Max is missing. I purr that he is OK.

Next we have Jezzy, a beautiful tabby girl. She is a small kitty with a chipped tooth.

Lost Cat Poster- Jezzy or Kitty-1-1

Jezzy is missing. I purr that she is somewhere safe and warm.

Jupiter is also missing. He is another of My fellow tabbies. His guardians are very distraught.

Lost Cat Poster- Jupiter-1

Jupiter is missing. I purr that he is safe.

The last poster is the hardest one of all. It is for a cat that was found, but under the worst possible circumstances. It is a grim reminder of what is ultimately at stake when guardians do not have safe confinement plans for their kitties.

Found Cat Poster- deceased-2

One of My feline brothers or sisters has fallen. I honor him or her and am saddened by his or her passing.

I purr for all of these kitties and the uncounted legion of others that go missing every day. I know these are hard to see, but I hope that seeing them will convince those who are on the fence to bring their kitties in from Limbo and keep them safe. We really are counting on our Guardians to define our boundaries. We can thrive within safe confines as long as we are given plenty of enrichment and lots of love. Please, keep us safe, and encourage others to do the same with their kitties.

So Sayeth Otis

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21 responses to “Many More Lost

  1. Purring them safe with hope.
    I know the last sign is very sad, but bless those who put it up.
    I’ve had the sadness of finding kitties/dogs in the road and know someone should be looking for them. Sometimes there are collars and you can locate them – hang the collar on their doorknob with a note where the collar was found. Just to let them know to stop looking – and they should tell the kids, the furry one isn’t coming home.
    If nothing more, the sign tells owners once again – it’s not safe for pets to run free.
    Limbo animals: huddle close to home until they see the dangers.

    • Yes indeed, Phil. A kitty lost in the road is a terribly sad thing. Even the guardians that let their cats roam free do love them, they just have not fully embraced the fact that they need loving boundaries to keep them safe. They deserve closure, and hopefully the knowledge of what happened to their kitty will encourage them to keep future kitties safely confined.

  2. Purring for them to return safely home !
    Me and my mom-person agrees with you that it´s not safe for pets to run free !
    Me I do walk´s in my harness with my mom-person and I think that´s enough for me 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on saymberblondi and commented:
    Most of my neighbors have outdoor cats and this at great risk. I hope never to experience the sorrow of having to tell someone his favorite cat was murdered on his front lawn by a stray dog. Broke both our hearts that day.

  4. Otis my boy I reblogged this post, sad or not. I know a outdoor cat owner who lets her cat roam because she thinks it would be cruel to keep them indoors. Both of my little old lady cats have always been indoor cats. Two days in a row this week I watched her cats walk across my front porch with dead mice in their mouths – I appreciate the free pest control but worry about them a lot. She already lost two other cats this year.

    • Many people seem to believe it is cruel to give cats safe boundaries. In reality, it is no more cruel than giving young children safe boundaries. All of our needs can be met in a completely safe setting with proper enrichment. I truly don’t understand the belief that kitties cannot be whole without being exposed to the dangers of a world without walls. It is madness.

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    Dear Leader Otis,
    Thank you for reminding my human why she keeps us indoors. Sometimes she’ll see pictures of kitties enjoying the sunshine in the lovely green grass and feel bad for the four felines she serves. Luckily her saddness is expressed by trying even harder to make our indoor life more interesting. I think she should buy us a bird and a hamster, but she worries about their life enrichment….silly huMom. Pumpkin and Tiger’s mother was a feral cat that one of our vets brought in. They and their sister were also trapped and found homes and they’ve never lived outdoors. Hitch and I were both lost or abandon. HuMom says someone loved us because we are both so good at love and litterboxes. I am afraid of the outside. I only scratched the huMom once when I thought she was going to put me out. Really, she was letting the dog in. Hitch gets carried away and dashes for the door. The squirrel taunts him, then leaves him stranded in the pines. For all the Gaurdians that think it’s cruel to keep a cat indoors, go back and look at these photos again. HuMom says if we were back in her childhood without paved roads and miles of land between houses, where there were barn cats and house cats and a good mouser was prized, maybeas the adult making the desks ions now, she’d consider allowing us out. But she thinks she might adopted a couple of fixed ferals for the barn so they would always have warmth and food and keep us four inside. Because even the idyillic setting of her childhood wasn’t without risk. A favorite blackcat, Buckwheat,died from what the then adults said was nost likely poison. Probably another farmer put out rat poison and Buckwheat was somehow exposed. If that could happen in cat paradise, what do humans think might happen in their neighborhood? We apologize Leader Otis for the unusually long comment. Our huMom had been feeling a bit attacked by someone who disagrees with her decision to keep us indoors. Thank you for allowing her to work it out. She knows she is doing the right thing.

    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe and Hitch

    • She IS doing the right thing M and H. Amazing that anyone would attack your huMom for keeping you safely confined. I don’t know why people would want to defend putting kitties at risk when it is completely unnecessary. Both Thomas and I spent our first year wandering alone in the wilderness, but we are now happy indoor cats. The Guardians give us plenty of enrichment to insure that we remain so. I think people who believe their cats can only be happy outside don’t truly understand how to properly enrich their kitty’s lives. Plus, there are plenty of safe ways (enclosure, leash and harness) to still allow kitties to have outdoor time. I really don’t understand why people would willingly put their kitty at risk. 😦

  6. Thank you Leader Otis for reminding us that we humans are responsible for the safety of the kitties we bring into our homes and lives. After reading your post today, I found my kitties sleeping soundly in their favorite places, as it should be.

  7. I am grateful for the person who put the last sign up. At least they are attempting to bring closure to a family.

  8. a very thought provoking post – especially the last photo! Typist has never lost a pet (touch wood) however she often thinks it would be the not knowing which would be the hardest part – imagining them all alone out there! – she has been unlucky enought to see a couple of cats who are OTRB when she has drived to work along the big motorway and she is now thinking should she have done more than just hoped that the kitty didn’t suffer!

  9. On a happier note, someone found a lost cat alive and well in the little town where I work. There are flyers up all over town, but no one has come to claim him yet, that I know of. Everyone says he “looks happy where he is”, which in the photo is sprawled out next to a laptop. He looks just like Data’s cat Spot on Star Trek. Wonder why such a tame kitty would run away?

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