The Staring Contest

Brother Henry

Brother Henry

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. I figured I better fill in for The Leader on the blog this morning because He is otherwise engaged. It all started early this morning when He was laying on the floor in the living room. He said He wished he had somewhere to rest His head, and then He looked over at Brother Oliver who was sitting nearby.

Staring Contest 1

Leader Otis said He wished He had something to rest His head on, and then He looked at Brother Oliver.

If you have been a Disciple of Otis for a while, you probably know that Leader Otis sometimes likes to use Brother Oliver as a pillow. In the past, this has caused some tension between the two of them as it seems that Brother Oliver isn’t always in the mood to be a comfy headrest. Well, this morning he was in one of those “I’m not a pillow” moods, so when Leader Otis looked at Brother Oliver, Brother Oliver looked back with an intense, defiant glare.

Staring Contest 2

When Leader Otis looked at Brother Oliver to see if he would be His pillow, Brother Oliver looked back with a defiant glare.

Now, Leader Otis is used to Brother Oliver’s insolence, so He did not buckle under Brother O’s gaze. Instead, he rolled upright, and glared right back in the way that only The Leader can. The staring contest was on.

Staring Contest 3

When Brother Oliver glared at Leader Otis, Leader Otis rolled upright and sent this intense look right back at him. The staring contest was on.

Although he tried his hardest not to show it, I could see that Brother Oliver was somewhat taken aback by the intense glare of The Leader. He involuntarily pulled his head back just enough so that I noticed.

Staring Contest 4

Leader Otis’s gaze caused Brother Oliver to pull his head back slightly. I’m sure he hoped no one noticed.

As far as I know, they are still in there staring at each other. Leader Otis with a “you will be My pillow” look, and Brother Oliver with a “no I will not!” expression. I would go back to see how it all turns out, but I’m pretty sure I know how this thing is going to end. No one, not even Brother Oliver, can overcome the will of The Leader.

So Says Brother Henry

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11 responses to “The Staring Contest

  1. mistletoeandhitch

    Today’s picture of Brother Oliver caused our huMom to coo about Brother Oliver’s “cute white tootsies”. I’m sure that Leader Otis is not distracted by such cuteness. We don’t envy Brother Oliver. Being a comfy headrest for somecat as important as Leader Otis is an pawsome responsibility. We wish Brother Oliver luck in the staring contest and Leader Otis luck in finding a comfy place to rest his head. We are sure Leader Otis is wise enough to make sure they both come out winners.

    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe and Hitch

  2. This is a real battle of the wills. The photos are hilarious! Such intensity!

  3. ena

    thanks for the insight into the staring contest. Now when my Buster stares at me in that tone of voice, I know for a fact that he is plotting against me. I always did wonder.

  4. So determined!! BOL I see your house will be full of fun today, hmmm with two kitty cats otherwise engaged I wonder if now would be a good time… BOL

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