The Rain Spoiled Super Shiny Sunday

My Disciples,

Yesterday Brother Henry and I were sitting on the tall cat tree in the front window. All the sudden, the sun broke through the clouds outside and Brother Henry exclaimed, “What the!? Leader Otis, look at that!” I turned away from the window and noticed that the living room had suddenly been filled with dozens of moving shinies! I jumped down to the lower cat tree platform to get a closer look at the shinies moving past on the floor.

Henry and Otis watching shinies

The sun came out and the room was magically filled with moving shinies!

As I was staring at the shinies, and warming up My kitty machine gun, Brother Henry said, “Leader Otis! I think the shinies are coming from this thing in the window!” I took a closer look and found out that Brother Henry was right. The Guardians had attached a strange device to the window, and it seemed to be converting sunlight directly into shinies. I have seen similar devices in the window in the past, but never one that was able to move under its own power!

Solar Shiny maker

The Guardians had attached a strange device to the window that converted sunshine into shinies, and also rotated under its own power!

I was completely blown away. Shinies were on the floor, on the ceiling, and there were even double and triple shinies floating past on the wall!


Shinies were everywhere! Even double and triple shinies on the wall!

I couldn’t decide where to focus, so I just laid down on the low kitty tree in front of the window and let the magic of the shinies wash over Me.

Otis watching shinies

I just laid there an let the magic of the shinies wash over Me.

In that moment, I decided that the next day, today, would officially be Super Shiny Sunday! After the sun went down I went to sleep with visions of the shinies to come dancing in My head. I woke up early, eager to enjoy the shiny filled day… and then I remembered we live in Seattle. So, My Disciples, I am sorry to say that it appears Super Shiny Sunday is not to be… at least not today. Instead it has turned out to be “Sort of Sprinkly Sunday”. It’s still early though, so maybe the sun will surprise Me. A kitty can hope, right?

So Sayeth Otis

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11 responses to “The Rain Spoiled Super Shiny Sunday

  1. You have many more Super Shiny Sunday Leader Otis…purrrs. savannah

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    Awesome sunshine shinys were on Saturday. We hope you have more sunshine shinys whatever the day.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  3. ok have to find one of those sparkly generators for my guys 🙂

  4. Awww, poo on the rain! Those sparklies are so cool! We have some when the evening sun hits a prism windchime outside and Star just noticed them! I can’t wait for the next sunny evening to see if she goes nuts for them!
    We wish you guys more sunny days for sparkly fun!

  5. Wow! You live in Seattle? We live in Sequim, I can’t believe we’re only 2 hours away from Leader Otis!
    Enjoy your shinies while you can Leader Otis; who knows, maybe more shiny days will come!

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