The Guardian Keeps Staring at Me

My Disciples,

Today, I was lying on the living room floor minding My own business when one of the Guardians came in and sat down on the couch. He picked up a book and started to read. I was just about to doze off when I felt like I was being stared at. I looked up to find the Guardian peering over the top of the book, his eyes fixed on Me. I just sort of looked back, and the Guardian raised the book up higher so I could no longer see his eyes.

I started to doze off again, and again I felt like I was being looked at. I opened My eyes and the Guardian was doing it again! He was peering over the top of the book and studying Me, now with somewhat accusatory eyes! I was a little unnerved and didn’t know what was going on.

Guardian peering over book

The Guardian kept peering over the book, looking at Me with accusatory eyes!

Finally, I had had enough. I got up and bolted out of the room at light speed. As I did so, I heard the guardian gasp, as if My sudden exit had frightened him or something. Weird. Sometimes I really just don’t understand humans.

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “The Guardian Keeps Staring at Me

  1. That is a book best left unread! You’ll never sleep again dear guardians 😉

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    My huMom loves The Oatmeal! Especially the Bob Cats. Your Guardian may start to take a few safety measures, but you don’t need to worry, the humans will take care of that.

  3. sqeekchair

    Dear Otis- You are correct in your feline intuition. I suggest you train the guardians with your intrinsic intellect. Cough up hairballs in their shoes.

  4. *MOL*
    Sounds like a GREAT book 😉

  5. ena

    my cat sitter believes that Buster the cat is always trying to kill her, and of late I agree. Everytime I turn around when I am busy I step on him, and if I don’t trip and fall to my death, the heart stopping yowls will finish me off. This should have been covered in chapter one, no need to read further.

  6. This is hilarious! I may need to investigate this evil book LOL.

  7. Otis… someone needs to pee on that book, soon! It’s making the guardians paranoid! Or chew it up! I’m betting it’s some kind of conspiracy generated by the long feared dog uprising!

  8. I think it may have something to do with the book, slowely us doggies are turning the humans ways of thinking BOL!

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