A Brief Tutorial on Thomas’s Body Language

My Disciples,

Every single day a little more of the True Spirit of Thomas becomes visible. As he comes out of his shell, he is teaching the Guardians how to understand what he wants, what he likes, and what he doesn’t like. To give you a glimpse of what I mean, here is a brief tutorial on the body language of Thomas.

Thomas wanting pets

When Thomas walks in front of you and does this…

Thomas being scratched

… it means he wants this. But be careful. Sometimes he suddenly decides that this is scary and he tries to bite or scratch. Don’t panic! Just talk softly to him and let him sniff the hand thoroughly to make sure it is not a threat.

Thomas satisfied

If you perform to Thomas’s satisfaction, he may sit and look at you like this.

Thomas kissy eyes

If you have really done a good job, you may even get hit with a full-on blast of the Thomas Kitty Kissy Eyes. It must be a really good feeling, because it puts a smile on the Guardians’ faces every time.

As Thomas continues to blossom, I’m sure we will discover more about his communication style. So far though, he’s doing a great job getting his point across. I’m proud of the little guy, and I frequently send My own Kitty Kissy Eyes his way to make him feel at ease. At this rate, I think the day is finally coming when Thomas will be allowed the run of the whole house. I think Brother Oliver is still kind of against that idea, but I’m sure he’ll come around. He didn’t like Me at first either, but I have a feeling that Thomas, like Me, will not take no for an answer.

So Sayeth Otis

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11 responses to “A Brief Tutorial on Thomas’s Body Language

  1. 2 cats

    I love kitty kissy eyes, I try to return them but am not sure I am very good at it!

  2. Hahahaha! My cat Rory has some similar mannerisms.

  3. I love Thomas’ little white socks!
    He is a truly, handsome gentleman.

  4. mistletoeandhitch

    Thomas is a handsome mancat. Kitty Kissy Eyes sounds a lot like Cat – I Love You from Anitra Frazier who is a cat behaviorist. I read about it in Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy. Meet kitty’s look with ‘soft eyes”. Breathe in – I, Breathe out and slowly close eyes – Love, Breathe in again and slowly open eyes – You. I’ve found this a good way to help my kitties clam down after, or during, stressful situations. I’m looking forward to following the directions for Kitty Kissy Eyes too. It is a great help and strengthens our bond when I try to communicate with their language. After all, they are trying to communicate with me every time they use a form of Meow. The Guardians of Otis set a wonderful example in how to love our feline family members. Thank you. Dorothy, guardian of Mistletoe, Hitch, Pumpkin & Tiger

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