The Best Howloween Ever!

My Disciples,

It happened! I don’t know how, but it really happened! After entering My catnip banana induced catatonic state yesterday, the miracle I had hoped for came to pass. When I awoke, the pumpkin that had been next to Me on the floor was gone! I immediately got up and began to search for it. As I approached the low kitty tree under the front window of the living room I saw a glorious sight. It was ME! My face now graced the front of that beautiful, orange sphere. I immediately jumped up on the bench to take a closer look.

Otis Pumpkin Unlit 1

It was another Howloween miracle! My face had once again appeared on a pumpkin. I could hardly believe My eyes.

How had this happened? Had I, in My catatonic state, unsheathed My mighty claws and carved out My own face on the pumpkin? Had The Brothers, knowing how badly I was wishing for a Howloween miracle, carved the pumpkin themselves? Surely it could not have been the Guardians. No human would possess the finely tuned scratching skills needed to remove pumpkin peel with such precision. Perhaps I would never know the answer, and really, does it even matter? I decided it was enough just to simply sit there and bask in the glory of My pumpkiny doppleganger.

Otis Pumpkin Unlit 2

As I basked in the pumpkins powerful presence, I pondered how such a wondrous creation could have possibly come to be.

So this Howloween night, the Limbo and abandoned kitties in My neighborhood will have a shining reminder that The Leader is thinking about them, and doing everything in his power to keep them safe. And any humans who pass by will also fall under My gaze and, hopefully, be moved to do what they can to join The Cult of Otis in our crusade to keep cats happy, healthy and safely contained.

Otis Pumpkin Lit

Let My glowing face give hope to all kitties and inspiration to all kitty Guardians!

Help us protect cats by adopting our dogma. May all kitties and all Guardians have a safe and happy Howloween.

So Sayeth Otis

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30 responses to “The Best Howloween Ever!

  1. The pumpkin is incredible! Someone at your house is extremely talented.

  2. What a miracle – a supreme creation for a supreme being 😀

  3. Ever neat! That really and truly is a Hallowe’en miracle. purrs

  4. Happy Halloween to you my boy and all your clan. The pumpkin is AMAZING! I’m going to reblog because I’m so impressed! Any catnip or special treats on the menu tonight? It IS Halloween!

  5. What a fantastic pumpkin!!! Happy Halloween friends 🙂

  6. it is an amazing job Otis, regardless of how it happened.. I am sure the limbo kitties will really appreciate it.

  7. Even on Halloween, miracles really DO happen. Great post!

  8. Oh,wow, it is truly an amazing job, Leader Otis! Happy Halloween!!

  9. I loooooooooooooove your kitty kat pumkin, but mostly, I loooove Uuu. Purrrrrrrrrrr.

  10. i would like to learn how to do this myself, otis. did you ever learn from the Guardians how it was done?

  11. Otis, that is so incredibly awesome! Happy Halloween!!

  12. The absolute purrfect Howloween-Pumkin! Cheers, Boots

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