Howloween is Only Two Days Away!

My Disciples,

It is only 2 days until Halloween, also known as “Black Cat Day”! Since at least the Middle Ages these unfortunate felines have been vilified in human mythology. They have difficulty getting adopted from shelters and heartless and cruel people often torture them on the human holiday known as Halloween. I am appalled by this unfair treatment of My dark-furred brothers and sisters and I have officially designated October 31st as a day to celebrate all black cats. It is also a day for all of My Disciples to be especially vigilant in watching out for the safety of cats in your neighborhoods. People will be less likely to attempt to harm animals if they know we are all watching out for them.

Saint Inky I and II

Saint Inky I and II is the Patron Saint of Black Cats. The Inkies watch over all of My dark-furred brothers and sister.

Inky I and II, the Patron Saint of Black Cats, will be keeping a watchful eye out on Halloween night as well. You can find the story of this unique, dual-cat saint on the Cult of Otis website.

Now, I must go and prepare for Howloween. I have a pressing appointment with a pumpkin.

So Sayeth Otis

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18 responses to “Howloween is Only Two Days Away!

  1. Batya

    Thank you for urging that we watch out for all kitties, especially black ones, on HOWLoween. One of my cats, Kismet, is a black cat. He wasn’t wanted; someone wanted to adopt his grey tabby brother, Trout, but not Kismet. Fortunately, their human foster mother wanted them to stay together, because I got two wonderful boys. And I guess my very first cat, Misha, also a black cat, wasn’t wanted either, because she was wandering in the wilderness and adopted me. Boggles the mind.

  2. The best pet of my life to date was our black cat Goobie:
    He was a wonderful cat, and I strongly urge others to see the beauty in black cats instead of scorn them because of the colour of their fur.
    Thank you once again for your wisdom Otis.

  3. My kitty is black and white, but I think he should still get to count. 😉

  4. RC has already extended an invitation for the outdoor black cat (of the house down the block who can’t even keep up with their children) to snooze the night in the garage or backyard domain. We are concerned it wanders in the streets and is hard to see.

  5. we will watch closely as we have seen a limbo black kitty in our new back yard. We worry he is let out during day, all day, then hope he goes back in at night. Very cute, sweet, and loves nip!

  6. Umteen years ago, a black cat named “Blackie” who lived in back of my Grandma’s converted me from a “dog person” into a “cat person” with her unique friendliness and charm. She is the inspiration for Jet, who has a new Facebook “app” in my comic strip.

  7. Two black kitties live here and my sister-in-law also has two black kitties. We’re all fans!

  8. My Mama had a black cat, Dolly. She says Dolly was a wonderful cat but a diva–born on Halloween. She was 19 went she went to live in heaven.

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