Brother Henry Commandeered the Kitty Warmer

My Disciples,

The weather has been getting colder around here in recent days, and this has led to a marked increase in the popularity of the magic kitty warming box that sits next to the TV. The Brothers and I have been bumping heads a lot recently, arguing over who should get to spend time on the box. That all changed yesterday when Brother Henry jumped up on the box and declared it a “vital security asset”. He said that the box’s raised position made it perfect for him to sit on and monitor for any signs of the long-feared Dog Uprising. Brother Oliver and I argued that a spot by the window would make more since, but Brother Henry went on to say that the warming box’s proximity to the TV also made it easier for him to monitor the news stations for any suspicious activity.

Henry on kitty warmer

Brother Henry has claimed the magic kitty warming box next to the TV in the name of security.

Brother Oliver and I both know it is useless to argue with Brother Henry when it comes to matters of security, so we decided to seek out a different warm spot in which to lie down. I have to say though, the fact that Brother Henry fell asleep within two minutes of taking over this “lookout position that is vital to our security” sure didn’t help strengthen his argument.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Brother Henry Commandeered the Kitty Warmer

  1. He he, Brother Henry is a one!

  2. At least the kitty warmer is keeping Brother Henry’s muscles warm and ready to spring if security requires it… to prop open his eyes?

  3. MOL, he’s dreaming up strategies to thwart the uprising I’m sure!

  4. OMC! I never knew…runs upstairs to jump up on dresser next to TV where magic warm box sits…purrrrrr

  5. He’s found the Dog uprising kitty scanner AND a warmer. What a clever fellow! Hugs to you dear Otis and your clever kin. 🙂

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