Whisper’s Big Secret

My Disciples,

Wow! I gotta tell ya, My mind is still reeling from what I learned yesterday. Whisper is a boy! Yes, the cat that arranged the Limbo Ladies Catnip Cotillion and the Long-haired Limbo Ladies Luncheon is actually a neutered tom. The Guardians discovered this when they went out to give Whisper a snack. They described it as a “Crying Game” moment, whatever that means, but they said it left no doubt that she was actually a he.

Otis in disbelief

I can’t believe it! Whisper is a boy!

As soon as I get the chance to go out to My Outdoor Domain, I am going to get to the bottom of this. Why was Whisper deceiving us? What does she… err… he stand to gain. Has she… darn it!… he been brainwashed by agents of the Long-feared Dog uprising? I must have answers!

So Sayeth Otis

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19 responses to “Whisper’s Big Secret

  1. One of our gotcha cats showed up when it was sleeting – half starved with soaked matted fur. The poor creature made the weakest most pathetic tiny little girl cat mews I ever hear – We knew “she” was desperate.
    Warmed, cleaned, and back from the vet, we knew the truth: it was a he. Forever home, “used-to-be-a-he-but-neutered-now” settled in but kept the tiny little girl cat cry…maybe he was worried he’s be abandoned again and might need it to worm his way into another heart? One of our best gotcha’s.

  2. 2 cats

    Maybe Whisper is abit confused!

  3. Otis you will have to keep us in the loop on this one lol! Crying Game lol. Glad to see you looking so well my friend.

  4. Maybe Whisper have looked to deep in the bottle with Niptini ??

  5. Batya

    Maybe Whisper is just more comfortable with lady cats and thought you wouldn’t understand or accept him. But you are wise and above such things, right Leader Otis?

  6. Well, if YOU wanted to have an in with the ladies and to earn their trust so you could learn all about their mysterious ways, wouldn’t ‘blending in’ and purtending to be one of them be the most obvious route? Now he knows what the ladycats like… Fancy parties! And him the only mancat in sight! Pretty saavy if you ask me!

  7. You shouldn’t judge a kitty on its life choices..

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