Surveillance Sunday

My Disciples,

Oh my gosh! The dog poop may finally be hitting the fan! Early this morning I entered the living room to find Brother Henry sitting on the cat tree in the window. Suddenly he turned his head to look at Me, and I immediately saw the alarm in his eyes.

Henry alarmed

Brother Henry was sitting on the cat tree in front of the window this morning. He suddenly turned to Me with alarm in his eyes.

Brother Henry said, “Leader Otis! I just saw a dog and his human poop picker-upper walking by outside! The dog had some sort of cone-shaped plastic thingy attached to his neck! It must be some new, super-secret surveillance device developed for the long-feared Dog Uprising! We are going to Defcat 2! I repeat, Defcat 2! Get yourself downstairs to the safey-safe. Brother Oliver and I will handle this!”

I immediately complied with Brother Henry’s commands and got Myself downstairs to the safey-safe.

Leader Otis in Safey-safe

I didn’t argue with Brother Henry. I got Myself downstairs to the safey-safe as quickly as possible. My security team then sprung into action.

Once I was in position in the safey-safe, Brother Henry instituted Defensive Plan Alpha. DPA had recently been modified to include Thomas since, from his elevated window in Kitty Valhalla, he is able to surveil the entire backyard and the alleyway behind the house. Unfortunately, Brother Henry has not had time to properly train Thomas, or even to tell him that he is now an integral part of Defensive Plan Alpha. So when Brother H shouted up the stairs, “Agent T! Institute Defensive Plan Alpha!” Thomas replied, “Defensapan Alpo? What’s that?” Brother Henry then said, “Just look out your window and start yowling your head off if you see any dogs!” Thomas then replied, “You guys are really weird…” But he did as Brother Henry had asked and took up position at the window.

Thomas in the Guard Tower

Thomas institutes, in his words, “Defensapan Alpo”.

Once Thomas was in place, Brothers Henry and Oliver took up position on the cat tree in the front window. Combined, they add up to 33.5 pounds of tabby fury. Brother Henry hoped that this highly visible show of strength would make any would-be canine attackers think twice about invading My Indoor Domain.

Show of Strength

The Brothers took up a highly visible position in the front window. Brother Henry hoped this show of strength would deter any would-be canine attackers.

As of now, I have heard no signs that the Uprising has begun, so perhaps Brother Henry’s show of strength is working. However, I am staying in the safey-safe until Brother H sounds the “all clear” and brings us back down to Defcat 5. Well, I am staying here until that happens or until I hear the Guardians putting our afternoon snacks in our bowl. No threat is big enough to keep Me from My snacks.

So Sayeth Otis

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22 responses to “Surveillance Sunday

  1. MEOW! Spoken like a true warrior, Leader Otis. -June Buggie

  2. Batya

    Your safey safe looks sooo comfortable, like a good place for a nap!

  3. Thank goodness the brothers are vigilant. I hope the threat passes soon and you can return to normal activities, like snacking.

  4. Do you think there is a threat in South Carolina? Maybe my Mama would move if there was. Probably not, she likes dogs. She can be weird.

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    I think the dog uprising is unlikely to happen while the canines are still employing their human poop picker-uppers. Our tabby team of security experts have recruited a smallish canine to decode the enemies communications. Their latest intelligence suggest the uprising cannot occur until the dogs unhook themselves from their human poop picker-upper. Our spy has uncovered the dogs ingenious method of communication. At this time they are primarily employing the water-based communication device. The most important information will be spread on the bottom of unsuspecting humans feet once the poop removers are deactivated. Our orange tabby team suggest your head of surveillance keep watch for any deposits left on your front lawn or worse, brought indoors by your humans. If your defenses are breeched in this manner, go immediately to defecate 2.

    We of the feline world are counting on Brothers Henry, Oliver and Thomas to keep you safe Leader Otis. The rest of the feline world will continue to gather any information that might be useful and recruit any suitable canine agents. Stay safe Leader Otis and enjoy your snacks.

  6. Thomas may be new, but he has a vigilant posture. Leader Otis you have a triple threat team protecting you!

  7. Don’t worry when we take our righful place as rulers of everything (don’t you think I will look good in my crown?) you will be well looked after cause you are my furiends!

  8. Sounds like your safey-safe is a great place to wait! And I dont blame you for not giving up the treat time!

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