Brother Henry’s Mancat Cave

My Disciples,

This past weekend the Guardians went out and purchased some weird machine that seems to suck water out of the air down in the basement. It’s much less amazing than it sounds. It just kind of sits there blowing air and making “glut-glug-glug” sounds periodically. I’m not sure what it is really called, but The Brothers and I have taken to calling it “The Thirstytron 3000”, because it always seems to be thirsty. Anyway, the Thirstytron came in a really big box. In fact, the box is so big that it actually has plenty of room for Brother Henry’s 17 pounds of tabby fury. As soon at the Thirstytron was removed from the box, Brother Henry moved in and started referring to it as his “mancat cave”.

Mancat Cave

The Thirstytron has become Brother Henry’s mancat cave.

Brother Henry loves it in there so much that he says he’s going to try to get the Guardians to put in a litter box, food and water bowl, a cat bed, some wheat grass, and a small TV that constantly displays crunchy little birds. It sounds awesome to Me, but I’m not sure if Brother Henry will be able to sell the Guardians on the idea. If he does though, I’ll be first in line to visit him in his new abode!

So Sayeth Otis


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24 responses to “Brother Henry’s Mancat Cave

  1. Looks like there’s room for a friend in there, Otis. I’m sure Brother Henry wouldn’t mind a snuggle buddy.

  2. Good luck in your quest Brother Henry!

  3. 2 cats

    It seems brother Henry is getting in some early practice for boxing day

  4. wundirfil
    (I am sorry. I cannot resist commenting. he is adorable, and I am not even a “krazy kat”)

  5. Way more room than a brown paper bag! Henry looks very happy with himself lol.

  6. A box makes a great man cave and Brother Henry looks quite content in there!

  7. Every great man… er… mancat – needs his bachelor cave!

  8. Yo, Leader Otis! Bro’ Henry is building a crib dude, not an ‘abode’! Come’on…he’s totally a ‘with it’ guy…just an observation…

  9. Interesting, if he gets all that stuff, he’ll have a better abode than the leader… I think you should remind him exactly WHO the leader is and take that mancat cave over as your personal retreat! Just a thought.. πŸ™‚

  10. Brother Henry is looking rather manly and dashing in his mancat cave!

  11. if any one can persuade the guardians it’s you guys!!

  12. hey that kinda looks like my doghouse…i mean cage…. i mean… oh boy

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