The Amazing Levitating Thomas

My Disciples,

I discovered the strangest thing about Thomas. He can levitate! I first noticed it one night when he was up on one of his shelves chasing a simulated mouse. His front half was firmly planted on the shelf, but his back half was just floating in midair!

Levitating Thomas 1

See! Thomas’s front half is firmly on the shelf, but his back half is floating in midair!

I thought I must have just been seeing things, but then, just a few days later, I saw Thomas levitate his whole body! This time he was playing with a feather toy on the bench in front of the window, but he was floating a couple inches off the bench!

Levitating Thomas 2

A few days later Thomas levitated his whole body while playing with a feather toy!

I asked Thomas how he could possibly be making himself float in midair. I told him that there must be some trick because levitation is impossible. He simply replied, “I doubt it!” I was flabbergasted for a moment, but then I understood. The doubt is strong with this one.

I’m glad to see that Thomas is breaking through some of his doubt about the Guardians, but maybe he should keep on doubting that levitation is impossible. A floating cat is kind of cool!

So Sayeth Otis

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20 responses to “The Amazing Levitating Thomas

  1. Fran Scoville

    Sometimes “doubt” is a good thing! Next thing you know . . . Thomas will be flying!

  2. If not Catalympics, practicing for one of those TV talent competitions?

  3. Wow Otis – Thomas is quite the acrobat lol! How are you feeling these days btw?

  4. I believe that Thomas has many hidden talents that he will reveal in time 🙂

  5. Thomas got some moves! Look at him playing so hard he cant even remember the laws of gravity!

  6. ok, ok…”doubting Thomas”…there…I meowed it!…and his doubt that he ‘can’t’ do anything is terrific

  7. I want to do that! Mama says I can’t because I am bottom heavy.

  8. a supercat!! agents must be warned

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