Free Roaming Children?

My Disciples,

I just discovered a short documentary online that shows that some people not only let their cats roam free, but they also let their human children go outside with no safe boundaries! Has the world gone totally crazy!?

Otis annoyed at video

Free roaming cats and kids!? We seem to have an epidemic on our hands here!

You should really watch the video. It is only about 30 seconds long, but I think it is shocking and enlightening! Oh, and unfortunately there is an advertisement before the video, so please stay tuned.

Free Roaming Kids

So Sayeth Otis

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11 responses to “Free Roaming Children?

  1. The video will not play on my phone so I’ll watch it later. A study of owned cats that go outdoors found many actually visit other homes- indoors. Do you really want your kids going in other people’s houses that you don’t know?

  2. Sadly there are parents that do let their kiddies and kitties wander outside without any supervision or boundaries. My Mama says there is no freedom or love without boundaries.

  3. Batya

    Love it! Right up there with a t-shirt I saw which read: “We had to give the kids away; the cat was allergic.” Family is family, no matter how much fur or how many feet.

  4. I’ve seen that before. It’s amazing isn’t it? Humans can sure do some strange stuff just because they think it’s conveinent.. Or because they think cats have fur, they belong outside, cold or hot.. dangers are unseen I guess.

  5. Perfect commercial. I’ve always felt so bad for cats and dogs that are relegated to the outside world and never let inside 😦

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