Resistance is Futile!

My Disciples,

Thomas has tried to resist. He really has. But the Guardians of Otis just won’t take no for an answer. Day after day, baby step by baby step, they are working their way into the doubting heart of this former Limbo kitty. And the slow, patient, methodical approach is really paying off. For instance, look at this:

Thomas getting pet 1

Does this look like a kitty that used to run up the walls if you looked directly at him for too long? It is. He has come so far.

Obviously though, the Guardians didn’t just reach out and pet Thomas overnight. They have been earning his trust for months now. Every single night before bed, one of the Guardians has play time with Thomas. At first, Thomas did nothing but sit in his favorite cubby hole and glare, but the allure of a feather toy proved too much to resist. Once he was used to regular play sessions with the feather toy, the Guardian began to periodically try to “pet” Thomas with the stick to which the feather was attached. He kept retreating at first, but eventually seemed to like it. After that, the Guardian started moving his hand closer and closer to Thomas on the handle of the stick. After a while, he was able to pet Thomas with the stick in hand.

Thomas getting pet 2

It took a lot of patience, and the help of a stick, but eventually Thomas got used to the idea of a hand petting him.

Thomas is still unpredictable, and the Guardians need to read his body language very closely to make sure he doesn’t bite or scratch a hand that intends to pet him, but it really is amazing how far he has come on this journey. Last night, for the first time, Thomas rubbed his body against one of the Guardian’s legs. He seemed a little shocked that he had done it, but that too will become a normal part of his routine in time. The best thing about his progress is that he now purrs constantly during his nightly play/attention sessions. The fear that he had to constantly cling to as a matter of survival when he was an outdoor kitty is finally loosening its grip on him. Seeing him become happier by the day is truly a beautiful thing.

So Sayeth Otis

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16 responses to “Resistance is Futile!

  1. Best update yet. Thanks to your amazing Guardians, his True Spirit is shining brightly!

  2. Purrs and rubs – automatic happiness responses stirring – what progress….Thomas maybe be hesitant to totally embrace comfort, and safe haven…but soon he will have to admit to himself he’s in a great place. Thanks for the update.
    (We use a feather to soothe cranky Grannie when she visits..mad at being left by her person and will allow no other to console her…but she does love a soft feather in spite of herself)

  3. Oh this is so wonderful! I’m so glad he’s starting to relax! He’s so cute too, I just love those little jelly bean toes of his!

  4. that puts a great big smile on all our faces…can’t get over what a handsome mancat Thomas is

  5. Oh Dog! Great work Guardians! Jen had to do similar work with Hissy Fit Jones. He won’t ever be a friendly cat to others, but he loves to play with and get petted by Jen. YAY!

  6. What wonderful Guardians you all have!

  7. Thomas is becoming who he was meant to be before the bad times came. Sometimes I get a little nervous that my bad times will return but my Mama says over her dead body. She’s pretty healthy…so I calm down.

  8. Great news. It does take a long time but it is so worth it for that first stroke πŸ˜€

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