Welcome New Disciples of Otis!

My Disciples,

Thanks to our recent exposure on the WordPress “Freshly Pressed” page, we have added a significant number of new Disciples to our ranks. Since this happened on a day when Brother Henry was featured heavily in the blog, he has been a bit overwhelmed by all of the attention. In fact, he’s looked a little bit like a deer in headlights for the last two days.

Deer in headlights Henry

Brother Henry has been overwhelmed by his recent exposure. He looks a bit like a deer in headlights these days.

I, of course, have been the same cool, calm and collected Leader that I always am. As My longtime Disciples are no doubt aware, nothing phases Me. Nope, I’m always centered and in charge.

Deer in headlights Otis

See, I’m way calmer than Brother Henry about this whole thing. Ummm… My eyes just look big here because I was startled that Brother Henry was so overwhelmed…

Anyway, welcome to all new Disciples of Otis. I encourage you to visit the Cult of Otis website to learn more about Me and My teachings. View the Sacred Videos to see The Brothers and Me in all of our glory. Brush up on the language of The Cult in the Glossary. Discover the stories of the Cult of Otis  Patron Saints. Explore the more than 700 archived posts here on The Blog of Otis. And finally, if you wish to support our efforts in making sure that all kitties are happy, healthy and safely contained, please help Me spread The Good Word. Like us on Facebook, share The Blog of Otis with fellow kitty enthusiasts, and spread the Symbols of Otis far and wide.

Whether you are new to the movement or not, thank you for being here, My Disciples. Together we can make the world a better, safer place for all felinekind.

So Sayeth Otis

Cult of Otis Store

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17 responses to “Welcome New Disciples of Otis!

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Otis! Glad to be a new disciple!

  2. Leader Otis, I had no idea you had been freshly pressed! That is quite an honor, and one that you and the Guardians and the brothers richly deserve. Congrats on spreading the Good Word to an ever-widening group of friends and followers. Very cool.

  3. Congratulations Otis and family for the Freshly Pressed! Loved the videos (hadn’t checked them out before). You cat nip addiction is quite evident “-)

  4. Wow I missed the freshly pressed! Congrats, about time they got a truly noteworthy entry up there!

  5. lkoch52

    Dear Leader Otis,

    Luna and Griffon would like to know when Catlympics are going to be held??

    • Ummmmmm… we’re trying to work out the details of this year’s event. We’ve had some difficulties and delays due to My Art Thritis, the long process of taming Thomas, and less frequent visits by Mama Cat (we’re hoping that means she’s been inside more).

  6. Oh Codfish!!! I missed your Freshly Pressed Fame!!! Mouses!! I can’t believe it!! Mom has not been reading every morning. So sorry. paw pats, from a pouting Savannah

  7. Wonderful website! (Your sacred videos show you’ve trained your guardians exceptionally well!! I’m so impressed!)

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