I Would Rather Not Be Blunt

My Disciples,

I would rather not be blunt. I find it rather dull. But the Guardians apparently prefer bluntness, at least when it comes to The Brothers’ and My claws. Today they pulled out the blasted claw clippers and went to work. I was not amused.

Otis mad after nail trimming

Blast the Guardians and their need for bluntness! And blast those accursed claw clippers!

When it was all over, I was barely able to make a dent in the arm of the couch, even when I clawed it with great gusto. Brother Oliver wasn’t able to dig his claws into the Guardian’s back when she held him. How was he supposed to make sure he didn’t slip? Brother Henry was beside himself at his disarmament. After all, he’s the muscle of The Cult of Otis, and as such he is tasked with defending us all. To be honest though, the trimming did seem to improve his mobility as he no longer had to stop every couple steps to dislodge his enormous, sharp talons when they became stuck in the carpet.

There really is no excuse for the insult by the Guardians… although I am almost willing to forgive them because they gave us freeze-dried chicken treats immediately afterward. I took that as a sign that they must have seen the error of their ways. And yeah, that chicken was good! This kitty is definitely willing to forgive… but I will not forget…

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “I Would Rather Not Be Blunt

  1. Careful there big boy or they’ll lock you in that jail thing and haul your furry self to the vet and have those suckers REMOVED!!! Surely the thought of that is much more depressing than a little claw clipping, right??? Love you big guy!

  2. Please forgive my giggles at the image of your protector, Brother Henry, trying to battle some dangerous element while trying to pull his claws out of the carpet.. “Pow! …ugh, tug paw… Bam! tug tug, argh.. WHAP! ..tug tug, hold on… tug Zap!” MOL!

  3. Claw clippers are certainly something to be wide-eyed about.

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