It’s Super Staircase Sunday!

My Disciples,

This morning, when I went to eat breakfast, Thomas was sitting in the enclosed area at the bottom of the stairs that lead to Kitty Valhalla. He was all excited and asked, “Leader Otis, is it Sunday?” When I told him it was, he got even more excited and asked, “Can today be ‘Super Staircase Sunday?” When I asked him why he wanted it to be Super Staircase Sunday he said, “Well, ever since the Guardians made it so I could go up and down the stairs from Valhalla, I have had so much more room for activities! The stairs are really great for activities! Let me demonstrate!” He then proceeded to show Me all of the activities that he could do on the stairs. I told Brother Oliver to bring the camera so we could document it.

Thomas shy at top of stairs

First, Thomas went to the top of the staircase and said, “I can be shy at the top of the stairs!”.

Thomas serious on stairs

Next, Thomas moved down a couple steps and said, “I can be serious in the middle of the stairs!”

Thomas sneaky on stairs

He then crouched down and said, “I can be sneaky on the stairs!”

Thomas staring on stairs

Next he stood up, looked straight ahead and said, “I can stare on the stairs!” Brother Oliver and I started laughing at that one.

Thomas sleepy on stairs

Next Thomas laid down and said, “All of these activities make me tired, so I can also be sleepy on the stairs.”

Thomas smiling on stairs

He finished his demonstration saying, “But these activities all make me happy too, so I can just sit and smile on the stairs!”

I had to admit that Thomas was able to enjoy an impressive number of activities on the stairs, so I agreed to declare today Super Staircase Sunday. Thomas then showed Me yet another activity he could enjoy on the stairs as he ran up and down them shouting, “Yay! it’s Super Staircase Sunday!” Of course, he promptly wore himself out and has been spending the rest of the day sleeping on the staircase.

So Sayeth Otis

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24 responses to “It’s Super Staircase Sunday!

  1. What an adorable post. Thomas’ true spirit is already shining through. Have a great super Staircase Sunday, all of you!

  2. What a smile and what deliciously hairy toes πŸ˜€

  3. Batya

    It is so wonderful that your Guardians opened their hearts and home to make this possible for Thomas. I wish they could be cloned, or at least their love and understanding of cats could be. I know you’re all spreading the word so maybe some day all kitties will be loved and living in homes of their own.

  4. Oooh, I want stairs!

  5. MOL! Love it!! Stairs are great to play on and apparently to pose on too!

  6. Hee hee hurray for Thomas!

  7. LOL@ sleepy on the stairs…very comfy… ;o)

  8. My smile just kept getting bigger and bigger as I saw each picture of the handsome boy. OHHH what a personality!

  9. It’s so purringly nice to see him play like that =^.^=

  10. Careful Mr Doubting Thomas – I see a whole lotta personality sneaking out there on the stairs!

  11. Perhaps Thomas is a catauthor writing how-to-do books for younger kitties?

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