Brother Oliver Got Highlights

My Disciples,

The Guardians have been doing a lot of work recently in the basement, getting it ready for the day when Thomas can be allowed to roam free in the house. They don’t want him to get scared and hide somewhere that is inaccessible to them, so they are sealing all of those areas off. Anyway, they’ve been doing some painting down there in the past few days and, well, Brother Oliver is kind of a magnet for wet paint. I don’t know how he did it, but he somehow managed to give his tail a big streak of white highlights. I noticed it as he was walking past Me in My Outdoor Domain, but I didn’t mention it because I know he is sensitive about his appearance.

Oliver's painted tail

I saw the paint on Brother Oliver’s tail as he passed Me in My Outdoor Domain. I wasn’t about to say anything though.

As Brother Oliver headed inside to get a snack, Brother Henry was coming out of the kitchen. Without changing his expression, Brother Henry said, “What’s up White-tail?”, and then he turned and headed off down the hallway to the food bowl.

Henry sees Oliver's painted tail

When Brother Henry saw Brother Oliver he said, “What’s up White-tail?”, and then headed down the hall to the food bowl.

Brother Oliver stopped in his tracks, muttered “White-tail?”, and then looked back at his tail. He gasped and then ran back outside, mortified. He tried to sit on his tail so no one else could see it, but it was just too painty to hide.

Oliver disgruntled about paint

Brother Oliver was mortified that his tail was painted. He tried to sit on it in My Outdoor Domain so no one else would see it.

Brother Oliver sat out there so long that eventually the Guardians went looking for him. When they saw his painted tail they said, “How did you do that?”, but Brother Oliver did not answer. The Guardians took him inside and cleaned off his tail. He struggled and complained as they did it, but I could tell that he felt a lot better afterward. Of course, when he saw Brother Henry later he was reminded of his humiliation. Brother Henry said, “Whew, I’m glad that white streak on your tail went away. After what you did in the litter box earlier today I was afraid you might be turning into a skunk!” Brother Henry then walked away with a satisfied look on his face. Brother Oliver, however, was not amused.

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Brother Oliver Got Highlights

  1. 2 cats

    Poor brother Oliver, though you should let him know the ladies tend to like a man with abit of white hair.

  2. Sherry Narens

    I know the Guardians of Otis are wise and careful, but I hope the readers of Otis understand that using turpentine to clean paint off a cat can kill the cat! I wish Otis had mentioned that in today’s post so some humans might not get the wrong idea.

  3. MOL! I was thinking skunk like from the Pepe Le Pew cartoon before I got to that parting shot! Awesomeness!

  4. naawww…Bro Oliver would never be mistaken as a skunk…but as an over highlighted brunette…you bet! wink wink, Savvy

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