The Leader Hurts

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. Leader Otis is hurting. His Art Thritis has worsened in recent days and he has developed a noticeable limp. He is trying to pretend He is OK, but clearly he isn’t. I know He feels more vulnerable than usual because He has been asking me to watch over Him whenever he sleeps. I, of course, do so gladly.

Henry and Otis in window 1

The Leader hurts because His Art Thritis is acting up. I watch over Him while He sleeps so He feels safe.

I know the Guardians are aware that He is hurting. I don’t want to tell Him this, but yesterday, while He was sleeping, I overheard the Guardians talking about taking Him to some specialty Bad Place. I know He will just get upset and worry more if I tell Him, so for now, I am just going to keep being as reassuring as possible.

Henry and Otis in window 2

I can’t make Leader Otis’s pain go away, but at least I can make Him feel safe.

I know the Guardians will do right by Leader Otis, but I have to admit that I am a little bit worried to see Him like this. I’m used to Him being the scrappy little kitty from the streets, willing to pick a (play) fight with cats twice His size (namely, Brother Oliver and Me). He just hasn’t been up to that lately because of the pain. Whatever this specialty Bad Place is that the Guardians were discussing, I hope they can help Him. Right now He is badly in need of another Miracle of the Leg

So Says Brother Henry

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23 responses to “The Leader Hurts

  1. Do hope the Guardians manage to find something to help the Art Thritis.

  2. Those photos are so precious. You are so good to care for the Leader. I hope the Guardians can provide some relief for the Art Thritis.

  3. 2 cats

    Those are gorgeous photos of the two of you. They truley show that you are a great friend to Otis.
    i hope Otis gets the help he needs at the special bad place. The bad place can sometimes do alot of good.

  4. Brother Henry, thank you for the special attention to Leader Otis. Please let Him know that people from far away countries are keeping their fingers crossed that relief comes soon for the Art Thritis.

  5. My vet gave us some Glucosamine supplements that I give to my cat Gus in a litte bit of chicken or turkey baby food. It seems to help him some. You can get the capsules at pet stores like Petco.

    • Thanks Oldcat. I know the Guardians have put a number of different things in Leader Otis’s food. They’ve even given Him a series of shots (so glad it wasn’t me!), but He still hurts. I think they are trying something new now.

      – Brother Henry

  6. Brother Henry, extra warmth by a friend close by soothes. RC Cat sends warming purrs (she is getting older, too) and gentle paw pats

    • Thanks Phil. The hardest thing for Leader Otis is that He isn’t even that old. He is only 6 and-a-half. His Art Thritis seems to be the result of an injury He suffered at the office of the veterinarian that neutered Him five years ago. The Guardians are not at all happy about that.

      – Brother Henry

  7. We’re sending Otis some special purr therapy. It’s always hard to see one of our pride in pain.

  8. Ohhh the trials of age my dear Otis….I think my long hair girl Amber has been dealing with some of that these days. Especially when there is a chill in the air. I know the Guardians will do right by you and by the sweet photos, you are in good company. Body heat helps with those aches and pains.

    • Thanks Saymber. And poor Leader Otis is only six and-a-half. That’s a full 2 years younger that Brother Oliver and I! His Art Thritis is the result of an old injury though. It seems to have caught up with Him. 😦

      – Brother Henry

  9. Sweet Henry you are a very good brother to look after Otis so well!!! we hope Otis will be feeling better soon.

  10. Batya

    I hope the Guardians are taking the Leader to an acupunture vet. That would really help him. You are such a good Care-giver!

  11. Sending Otis our best wishes, and hope you all will find something to relieve his pain.

  12. Aw poor guy! It’s the time of year too… the weather change affects that nasty ol’ arty ritis stuff. Star was feeling pretty poorly with it, but her allergy shot had a pain reliever in it and she’s doing much better at the moment! I hope Otis finds some relief soon!

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