Please Keep Your… ummm… Plush Toys Safely Confined

My Disciples,

Apparently, cats aren’t the only things that have been going missing in My neighborhood. The Guardians have discovered two  new lost posters that illustrate a previously unknown problem- the problem of unconfined plush toys. The first poster announced the loss of a very cute sounding little toy kitty.

Lost Poster- Toy-1

A small toy kitty with golden fur and bright eyes is missing. Unlike a real cat, at least we know this kitty is not suffering, but a child is, so it is still sad.

The second poster was, frankly, heartbreaking. I mean, some poor kid is missing her fuzzy bunny with a Curious George T-shirt. It’s not nearly as sad as a lost kitty, of course, especially from the bunny’s perspective. But I still feel really sorry for the poor kid.

Lost Poster- Toy-2

A fuzzy white bunny wearing a Curious George T-shirt is missing. It is adorable and sad, both at the same time.

So, although I usually focus My efforts on keeping cats healthy, happy and safely confined, today I am calling on all human child guardians to help keep their children’s plushy toys safely confined. There is already enough sorrow in the world. The last thing we need is more little kids missing their adorable bunnies with Curious George T-shirts. Do your part to make sure that doesn’t happen!

So Sayeth Otis





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4 responses to “Please Keep Your… ummm… Plush Toys Safely Confined

  1. eek! I have to go count my stuffed cats now!

  2. I’ve never seen such a thing! Wow. All my plushies are indoor plushies loool.

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