Three More Reminders

My Disciples,

I’m sorry but it’s time to share three more reminders of why it is important to keep your cats safely confined. The Guardians have once again discovered several lost cat posters posted in our neighborhood. The first unfortunate feline is Pebbles, and her guardians have posted two different versions of missing posters for her.

Lost Cat- Pebbles

Pebbles is missing. I purr that she is found safe and sound.

Ivy has also joined the ranks of the missing. Like Pebbles, she is a beautiful tuxedo kitty.

Lost Cat Poster- Ivy-2

Ivy is lost. I purr that she is soon found.

The last poster made Me even sadder than the rest. It is for a kitty named Pounce, and he has been missing since november of last year. The faded poster does not inspire much hope that Pounce will ever be seen again.

Lost Cat Poster- Pounce-2

Poor Pounce. I purr that he is safe.

Purr with Me that these cats, and all lost cats, find their way to safety, and please do everything in your power to ensure that more of My feline brothers and sisters do not join the ranks of the missing.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Three More Reminders

  1. My namesake is missing… That’s so sad. 😦
    Come on, people, let’s keep the kitties safely contained!! ugh!

  2. Several of my neighbors have outdoor cats and I found out one in particular has her newest kitten go missing. As bad as I feel for her, she chose to leave the cats to roam and someone probably took the kitten in or something else happened. It’s the risk you take having outdoor cats. Both of mine are indoors! Don’t want outdoor animals!

  3. I just moved with Mom and Dad to a different home. Gave ours back to the bank. But, at our old home, we had neighbors across the street that let their cats, 2-4 use the dog door to go in and out…the cats kept changing cuz we are sure the ones we first knew were all killed by coyotes. What neanderthal peeps.

  4. kirstenh

    Don’t give up hope! My friend’s kitty got out (indoor boy) and after 85 days was found! Kitties need us, but like humans when push comes to shove can do amazing things 🙂

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