Brother Oliver Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine

My Disciples,

Yesterday, as I was walking past the open door to My Outdoor Domain, I heard Brother Oliver say, “C’mon Brother Henry! Can’t I have a turn?” And then I heard Brother Henry say, “Remember what happened yesterday when I asked you for a turn? Sorry Brother O, but turnabout is fair play.” I walked outside to investigate, and I saw this:

Henry and Oliver in the sun

This is what I saw when I walked outside.

Brother Henry had found his own sunshine box! And now Brother Oliver was the one begging for a turn. I laughed and said, “How’s it feel when other people don’t share, Brother Oliver!?” To which he replied, “Ummmmm… bad.” I asked, “Then you’ve learned your lesson?”, and he said, “Yes. I have learned that Brother Henry should stop being a jerk and share with others.” Brother Henry and I both looked at each other and shook our heads. Brother Oliver is The Brains of The Cult of Otis, but sometimes he has a very thick head.

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “Brother Oliver Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine

  1. Those boys are two handsome peas in a pod. What a great photo!

  2. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Such beautiful boys!!

  3. MOL, lesson learned.. not! I must say, those boys sure are a nice looking set of book ends!

  4. What a handsome pair of Brothers!

  5. They are very handsome and behaving just like all brothers do at one time or another. I wish I had a brother but Mama says no more adoptions. I think she has said this before and here I am.

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