Brother Oliver Hogged the Sunshine Box

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver really needs to learn how to share! Yesterday he found the best thing in the history of everything ever, and he wouldn’t let Brother Henry or I have a turn. As you know, kitties love boxes. Kitties also love sunshine. Well, Brother Oliver found a box that had sunshine in it! If it would have also had catnip or chicken treats, it would have been the ultimate kitty trifecta!

Oliver Hogging Sun Box

Brother Oliver found the best thing in the history of everything ever! A box with sun in it!

When Brother Henry and I noticed what Brother Oliver had found, we tried to play it cool. We just sat nearby, acting disinterested, and waiting for Brother Oliver to say, “Hey, would one of you like a turn in this magical box of sunshine?”

Oliver Hogging Sun Box 2

Brother Henry and I hung out close to Brother Oliver in the hopes that he would ask if we wanted a turn. He didn’t.

Brother Oliver just ignored us, so Brother Henry tried a more direct approach. He moved close to Brother Oliver, towering over him with his 17 pounds of tabby fury, and said, “Brother Oliver? Wouldn’t you like Leader Otis or me to have a turn?” Brother Oliver replied with, “Ummmm… you’re standing in my light…”

Oliver Hogging Sun Box 3

Brother Henry tried to convince Brother Oliver that he should give us a turn. Brother Oliver refused.

Ordinarily, Brother Henry would have given Brother Oliver a world class smackdown after that, but the box gave Brother Oliver an advantage. It was like a little castle that was protecting him from all but a full frontal attack, and I knew things might turn ugly fast if Brother Henry tried to press his point. So I told Brother Henry to stand down, and the two of us headed to My Outdoor Domain in the hopes that we could find our own boxes of sunshine. Unfortunately, the sun was on the other side of the house, and the boxes out there were less than satisfactory.


Henry Nectarine Box

The boxes in My Outdoor Domain were inferior, and not full of sunshine. Brother Henry was annoyed.

Eventually we went back inside to find that Brother Oliver had vacated the box. Unfortunately, so had the sun. I fear Brother Henry and I may never know the wonders of the sunshine box.

So Sayeth Otis


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5 responses to “Brother Oliver Hogged the Sunshine Box

  1. Never fear Otis, the sun will rise again 🙂 Love that last pic of Henry looking disgruntled…so expressive – LOL!!!

  2. Just make sure you get the box tomorrow BEFORE the sun comes to it, then you’ll have the advantage!

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