It’s Super Snuggle Sunday!

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver has declared today “Super Snuggle Sunday”. After making his declaration, he immediately ran around the house and found one of the Guardians. He then proceeded to celebrate Super Snuggle Sunday in the manner that is customary.

Super Snuggle Sunday

This is how we celebrate Super Snuggle Sunday.

So go find your kitty and give him or her a good snuggle… if he or she wants one that is. If your kitty isn’t a snuggler, then give him or her a treat. They may be so happy with you that they will then want to snuggle. If not, oh well, kitty still got a treat!

So Sayeth Otis

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16 responses to “It’s Super Snuggle Sunday!

  1. some day I hope I can do that with my Mom, Savannah

  2. Wow, your guardian is very lucky to be on the receiving end of such a great big snuggle!!!!

  3. AwwwwwWWWWWWWwww What a sweet snuggle! Leo is a snuggler, when he wants to be. I call him my Leo scarf when he hangs over my shoulder!

  4. I am assuming when you say treat you mean bowl of tasty Harringtons complete cat food *Stern look*

  5. This is hilarious and adorable. That’s a love of tabby love focused on one Guardian!

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