The Way of the Dragon… Belly

My Disciples,

After making amends to Thomas for My unprovoked tail attack, and regaining his trust, I decided that I should try to right another wrong. A few weeks back I tried to coach Thomas in the ways of the Catlympians. It didn’t go so well. I knew I could do better, so yesterday I gave it another try. After playing for awhile, I could tell that Thomas really had a good handle on the fundamentals, so I decided to tutor him in some advanced techniques. And what better way to start than with My own signature move that I call Dragon Belly?

I told Thomas to watch closely as I prepared to assume the position. As the toy handler made a pass with a simulated mouse, I began to roll over onto My back while saying, “See Thomas? You need to rotate your torso thusly, starting with your forelimbs, but be careful, it is easy to over-rotate and end up doing a full roll. If you lead with your forelegs though, your hind legs will follow.”

Dragon Belly Lesson 1

I told Thomas to rotate his forelegs first, and that his hind legs would follow.

Thomas said, “Like this, Leader Otis?” And then he began to roll. I was concerned because he appeared to be attempting to roll with both his forelimbs and hind limbs at the same time.

Dragon Belly Lesson 2

Thomas tried to follow My instructions, but he started to roll with both his forelimbs and hind limbs at the same time.

As I watched, Thomas’s hind limbs over-rotated. He fought desperately to counterbalance with his forelimbs, but it was no use. He went all the way over, completing a full roll.

Dragon Belly Lesson 3

Thomas lost control of his hind limbs during his first attempt at Dragon Belly. He ended up over-rotating and doing a full roll.

Thomas exclaimed, “Oh no! I don’t think I can do it, Leader Otis! Dragon Belly seems to be beyond my skill level!” I said, “Stop talking nonsense Thomas. You can do this! We just need to try a different approach.” I then told him to swing around so that his back end was up against the wall. I told him to try Dragon Belly again, but this time to press his feet against the wall to slow his rotation if he felt he was getting out of control. It worked! And soon he had assumed a perfect Dragon Belly position.

Dragon Belly Lesson 4

I told Thomas to use the wall to brace himself. He did as I instructed and was able to achieve Dragon Belly position.

Encouraged by his success, Thomas decided he wanted to try again without the assistance of the wall. He moved to the middle of the floor and began trying to roll into position. After two or three false starts, he managed to achieve Dragon Belly. At this point, I was so happy with his progress that I decided he should continue working on some exercises on his own. I told him to practice rolling to Dragon Belly position and then alternate swiping upward with his left paw and then his right. The idea was to really focus on his balance while pretending he was going after a simulated bird or mouse. He began practicing immediately.

Dragon Belly Lesson 5

I told Thomas to practice swiping while he was in Dragon Belly position to work on his balance. He was excited to get started.

Satisfied that Thomas was now starting down the right path to eventual Catlympic greatness, I retired to the downstairs to have a snack and a nap. When I checked in on Thomas some time later he was curled up in his cubby sound asleep. I think the little guy wore himself out from practicing so much.

So Sayeth Otis

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19 responses to “The Way of the Dragon… Belly

  1. 2 cats

    awww I just want to rub Thomas’ belly!!!

  2. You go Thomas! Woot woot for Thomas. Lookin so good! Paw pats, Savannah

  3. Thomas is making wonderful progress in trusting You and the Guardians. His True Spirit is coming through in these pictures. Good work, Leader Otis!

  4. Thomas reminds me of my Amber when she was a kitten. Fantastic pictures!

  5. Forget the tail — his belly is gorgeous!! I just want to rub it and hear him purrrrr.

  6. I want to pick Thomas up and hug him silly!

  7. Can you imagine that my mom want´s to give you some belly rubbing 😀

  8. I want to say wonderful words of encouragement to Thomas about doing such a great job with Dragon belly but I can’t. I fell over faint from all that gorgeous belly being shown so gratuitously in this post. First Otis then Thomas.. how is one woman supposed to handle herself in the face of all that??

  9. Practice makes perfect! And practice is exhausting…more naps required!

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