Otis for POTUS

My Disciples,

I’m so excited! After the Brothers and I formed our new pawlitical party yesterday, we started researching what we should do next. Brother Oliver found out online that the big pawlitical event right now is an upcoming election to determine who will be the next President of the United States. Brother Oliver said the President is the head honcho of the country, and he or she needs to be intelligent, compassionate, strong and inspirational. Brother Henry said, “That sounds just like Leader Otis!” , to which Brother Oliver replied, laughing for some reason, “Yes! Let’s nominate Otis for President of the United States! Otis for POTUS!”

Inspired Otis

I humbly accept My party’s nomination for President of the United States.

I was honored by The Brothers’ nomination, and I humbly accepted, but then I didn’t know what I needed to do next. Brother Oliver said that people like to advertise their favorite pawliticians by sticking their names on their car, so he thought the first thing we should do was make bumper stickers. This sounded reasonable to Me, so I asked each of The Brothers to come up with a design and present it to Me. Brother Henry finished his first. I kind of liked it.

Brother Henry's bumper sticker

I liked Brother Henry’s design. It made Me look very patriotic.

Brother Oliver then presented his bumper sticker. He was giggling. He said that pawlitical stickers need to have catchy slogans, so he had concentrated on coming up with a good one. I wasn’t very excited about his idea.

Brother Oliver's bumper sticker

Brother Oliver concentrated on coming up with a slogan for his sticker. I wasn’t crazy about it.

So now we have a party, a Presidential candidate, and bumper stickers. Brother Oliver has just informed Me that I also need to come up with something called a “campaign platform” to let everyone know what I stand for. At first I thought he meant I need to build a new cat tree with some sort of special red, white and blue platform on the top, but he told me that I really just need to write down what I believe in. I’m going to go do that right now. This pawlitics stuff is really easy!

So Sayeth Otis

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15 responses to “Otis for POTUS

  1. You’ve got my vote you handsome boy! Maybe you could find a place in your Cabinet for Barak and Hillary, and of course, your guardians!

  2. If You keep this up, President Obama will take notice. Perhaps he will name You Secretary of Feline-American Relations. You and the brothers would make wonderful ambassadors to educate people about being better Guardians. Plus, Your rugged good looks would help You do well with Your constituents.

  3. Yea for Otis! Campaigns are like litter: demand to keep it clean. I think you can be counted on that one, Otis!

  4. Shoot, I’d vote for ya! Hey, a good platform might be “a good platform for every kitty” meaning cat trees or window perches… hee hee

  5. Otis for POTUS! You have our votes!

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  8. I think Otis for POTUS is a fantastic slogan!!!!

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