I’m Board

My Disciples,

I was hanging out with the Guardians down in the basement. I was having fun supervising them as they were working on closing off areas that might be dangerous for Thomas once he has access to the entire house. I don’t know why, but whenever the tools come out I have to be nearby. Even the noisy power tools! The Guardians know that once they start working, I will not leave their sides. They even call Me “Tool Belt Tony” whenever we are working together on a project. I kind of like that. But now they are taking a break and I have nothing to watch. So I have become very board. No not “bored”, “board”.

Otis Board

The Guardians have stopped working, so I am board.

Yep, I’m just going to lay My head here an be board until the Guardians get back to work. I may be Tool Belt Tony when they are working, but right now I’m just going to be Board Barney. I hope they get back to work soon, but it looks like I might be board for a good, long stretch.

Otis Board 2

I hope the Guardians start working again soon, but it looks like I might be board for a long stretch. I mean, look how long this board is!

Yessiree, board, board, board, I am all kinds of board. All right. I’m getting kind of tired of this game. Darn it. I’m bored!

So Sayeth otis

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9 responses to “I’m Board

  1. Leader Otis, these photos remind me of the sacred brick of piety. You have a penchant for choosing very, um, firm spots on which to rest your noble head. These are great photos!

  2. I know that the Guardians thought I was a little hard-headed when they were trying to tame Me. Maybe that is why I gravitate toward firm sleeping surfaces. 🙂

  3. I’m sure they’ll measure up soon, and everything will be squared away! Oh, I just couldn’t help it after seeing what else was in your pictures…. 🙂

  4. Andrea, I think you nailed it! 🙂

  5. My Amber is the same way. If I don’t want her to sit on it or be near…she goes and sits on it or messes with it. Can she read my mind or something LOL?!

  6. Mama says she had a girl catkid, Dolly, who loved tool boxes. Whenever someone came to do work here Dolly would sit in their tool box. I think that is strange–I like to help not sit around on the tools. But then I am a boy.

    • I’m not sure why I like it when things are getting built, but I really do. I think it might have something to do with the fact that usually, if the Guardians are building something, it will be for us. 🙂

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