It’s A Posing Party!

My Disciples,

After Thomas said yesterday that he doubted kitties would strike a pose for him, many of you set out to prove him wrong! So today we are having a posing party featuring all of the kitties who sent in their best poses in support of Thomas. Here we go!

Griffon's roaring warrior pose

Griffon asked his Guardians to send in this stunning photo of his Roaring Warrior pose. Truly spectacular Griffon!

Lola In Vogue

Griffon’s Sister Lola had this sleek, streamlined pose to contribute. Well done Lola!

Luna getting amped web

Not to be outdone, Lola and Griffon’s sister Luna struck this pose which she calls “Getting Amped”. Stunning… just stunning, Luna!

Schmiley 1

Luna, Griffon and Lola also wanted to include two photos of their departed feline brother Schmiley. Here’s one of his posthumous poses. No wonder he was known as The Most Comfortable Cat in the World!

Schmiley 2

Here’s the second posthumous pose by Schmiley and… errrrr… ummmmm… I’m not so sure that he’s posing so much as taking care of some serious business. Either way, good job Schmiley!


Saffy submitted this extremely compelling Monkey Paw Chin Rest pose. This is Saffy’s favorite way to spend Sunday. Saffy also would like Thomas to know that she think’s he is very handsome! I told Thomas and he said, “Really? Nah. I doubt it.”


Junior would not be outdone by his sister Saffy. He insisted that his Guardian include this masterful pose for Thomas’s approval. Well done, Junior!


Billy sent in a photo of his best sultry pose. Wow Billy! You really know how to work it for the camera!

Razzie 1

Razzie submitted a photo of a pose that he has been practicing since he was a kitten. I think he might be some competition for Schmiley as The Most Comfortable Cat in the World!

Razzie 2

Here’s another view of the pose Razzie has been working on perfecting. I think you’ve got it Razzie!


And finally, we have a submission from Lily who says, “Ladies don’t do silly poses, we always look good for the camera. As you don’t have girls at your Guardians’ home, I thought I’d show you how we do it!” While I think Mama Cat, Whisper, Cookie and Beatrice would have something to say about that, I appreciate the lesson Lily!

Thanks to all who submitted photos to help alleviate Thomas’ doubts. I can tell you he was highly encouraged by this show of support! If you have not yet sent in photos, but would like to show off your own poses, please feel free to post your images on The Cult of Otis Facebook page for all to enjoy!

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8 responses to “It’s A Posing Party!

  1. I find cat’s hilarious! Glad I stopped by your blog. 🙂

  2. Doggone it… I sent two pictures of Star and Leo in silly poses last night, but I just checked and they were returned undeliverable! Grrr, I blame the dog uprising for this!
    Love all the poses you did get though!! Great job everyone!

  3. These are so funny and adorable! If you have some cute pics of Otis, you should submit them to Canon’s Project Imaginat10n:

  4. Outstanding pictures! Just delightful…hope they encourage Thomas!

  5. 2 cats

    Billy is so proud to be featured

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