It’s Strike-a-pose Sunday!

My Disciples,

I have no idea why, but when I was visiting Thomas in Valhalla this morning he said, “Leader Otis? Do you know what day it it?” I said, “Yes Thomas. It’s Sunday.” To which he replied, “No! It’s Strike-a-pose Sunday!” And then, to prove it, he struck a very dramatic pose.

Thomas strikes a pose

I hadn’t heard of Strike-a-pose Sunday, but Thomas was really into it.

Immediately after striking the pose, Thomas got all self-conscious and retreated back into his safey-safe cubby. He tends to have these flashes of boldness followed by periods of shyness. The boldness is his True Spirit trying to come out, but the trauma of his past keeps trying to tamp it back down. I’m doing all that I can to coax his True Spirit forward, so I told him that I would officially declare today Strike-a-pose Sunday because it was such a great idea. I also told him that I would ask My Disciples to send in their own photos of kitties striking dramatic poses to show their solidarity with Thomas. All he said was, “Thanks Leader Otis… but I doubt that kitties will strike dramatic poses just for me…”

Help Me show Thomas that others do care by sending Me some dramatic kitty pose photos. Together we can start to alleviate his doubt.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “It’s Strike-a-pose Sunday!

  1. Batya

    Oh, Leader Otis: my kitties strike poses all the time. But alas, I don’t have your Guardians’ skill with a camera I don’t even have Brother Oliver’s skill. But I think Thomas is a wonderful cat and am happy he sometimes feels bold enough to strike poses!

  2. Aww Thomas looks cute striking his pose!! I’ll have to look and see if I have anything that qualifies!

  3. I’ll start looking for poses right away!!!

  4. That’a a perfect yoga pose (wish I could remember the name) Maybe he’s using yoga to calm himself and open letting out his True Spirit?
    RC is sending encouraging purrs..but she regrets to inform you her staff is not able to catch her loveliness of flight in motion…perhaps, she thinks, she should sign them up for tutoring. We’ll work on it, Otis

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