Thomas Said, “Me!”

My Disciples,

Well, OK… Thomas didn’t actually say “Me!”, but he might as well have. You see, when the Guardians asked, “Who wants chicken?” Thomas did this:

Thomas Raising Paw

See! He might as well have said, “Me!”

Anyway, his gesture was very effective as he received a very generous portion of freeze-dried chicken treats. Come to think of it, The Brothers and I also received very generous portions and all we did was sit up and look at the Guardians with excitement on our faces. Still, I gotta hand it to Thomas for his extra bit of flair. The kid’s got style!

So Sayeth Otis

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26 responses to “Thomas Said, “Me!”

  1. Thomas looks so peaceful and relaxed. And what a mighty paw!

  2. That boy wants some chicken!

  3. Thomas you made me smile – big ol grin. My girl Amber strikes poses of this nature quite often! :O)

  4. got to admit, he’s good to have around!

  5. The picture on Thomas made both me and mom smile 🙂

  6. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Glad to see Thomas happy and interacting with everyone. I’m sure it’s in no small part due to your efforts, Leader Otis!!

  7. YAY Thomas!!!! It’s a sign he’s feeling more comfortable 🙂

  8. Yay for Thomas! He’s learning to communicate his needs to the guardians! Chicken is a very basic cat need!

  9. Whoa! Look at that paw! Sure looks like he’s had some schooling?
    Wonder if he plays catch?

  10. The Brothers might learn some new tricks from the kid.

  11. Leader Otis–would it ok for Mama to use this picture of Thomas in a future blog post? She would, of course, credit the photo and link back here. You can say yea or nay here, on her blog or you can email her.

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