It’s Kitty Snacks Sunday!

My Disciples,

It’s Kitty Snacks Sunday! At least, I hope so. I’m trying My hardest to convince the Guardians of Otis that it is. I’ve been sitting around all morning with My best “I’m so cute you should really give Me a snack” look on My face.

Kitty Snacks Sunday

Look at My face. Please, oh please, let it be Kitty Snacks Sunday!

So far though, it’s just been “Waiting for Kitty Snacks Sunday.” I’m not about to give up though. Please make it a Kitty Snacks Sunday for your kitties today. Hopefully My own Guardians will eventually take the hint…

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “It’s Kitty Snacks Sunday!

  1. I will share some treats with you 🙂

  2. Who can resist that face?…trying to shove treats thought screen (without RC seeing…must hide crumbs)

  3. Batya

    My cats tell me EVERY day is kitty snacks day. Could they be wrong?

  4. That face to me looks like a cuddle me face 🙂

  5. Otis with that sweet face I’m afraid you would be a very fat cat…3rd eye an everything! WOW!

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